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Contrast adjustment advice?


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I've been attempting to regrade "The Rocketeer", as the Blu-ray has an ugly yellow blanket tint. I found a seemingly easy way to achieve this by using a white balance tool in Vegas, selecting a white object (a nurse's hat in this case), and thus getting rid of the yellow tint. It worked, but I noticed that the result seems to have been slightly brightened in a way that reduces the contrast (arguably washing the image out a bit). I then tried remedying this by adding 0.25% contrasting using the Vegas brightness and contrast adjustment tool, but this seems to darken everything a little more than on the Blu-ray and make the faces a little redder.

I have screenshots of the three different versions below. In each set of three, the top screenshot is the original Blu-ray, the middle is with just the white balance tool applied, and the bottom is white balanced and has 0.25% contrast added as well. In order to be able to see the subtle differences, it might be helpful to right-click on the images, download them, and compare them in a photo viewing program on your computer (perhaps clicking quickly between them).

Which do you think looks best? Does the white-balanced version without contrast adjustment look too washed out? Does the version with contrast added look too dark and/or too contrasty? Do you think the original Blu-ray has the right amount of contrast or needs a touch more? Should I add contrast or merely use the white balance tool and nothing else? If the former, how much contrast would be ideal?










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