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Colour films in Black & white

Junglist Paja

Well-known member
Anyone here watched any Colour films/Tv shows in B&W?

I've only seen Jurassic park and a little bit of The BOOK of Eli


Well-known member
The Force Awakens and Cinemanovels are the only two films I've watched all the way through in B&W.


Well-known member
Not sure if there was any color grading changes but I watched a B&W fanedit that combined Darkest Hour and Dunkirk and I have to say the Darkest Hour sections were some of the most gorgeous B&W cinematography I've seen.


Well-known member
If I watch a new episode of Doctor Who (from 2005 to the present) that's set in between 1963 and 1969 (when the show was first on the air and in black-and-white), I like to turn down the color settings and pretend like it's an episode from that era.


Well-known member
I'm actually watching Tears in the Rain right now. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm entirely a fan of Blade Runner in black and white.
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