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Classic Trek: It Traps Us All

The Warlord

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This edit combines Classic Trek's 'The Tholian Web' and 'Day of the Dove' into one extended episode, with the alien lifeform in the latter, now also causing the 'space madness' in the former. The alien inhabits interspace, and the Defiant essentially releases it into 'our' universe.

Major changes:

Inserted the alien entity on the Defiant/as it moves into the Enterprise/at various points on the Enterprise itself in the first segment, including in engineering prior to the assault on Scotty.
Cut Chekhov being affected by interspace in The Tholian Web.
Cut all references to McCoy finding an antidote in The Tholian Web. In this edit, events in the first half happen at a much quicker pace.
Cut the scene between Spock and McCoy in Kirk's quarters, including Kirk's farewell message. It's a touching scene, but I feel it would hurt the pace of the story, and tension between our heroes.
Re-arranged the dialogue between Spock and McCoy regarding the correlation between the Defiant and the Enterprise until after the memorial service, since the first incident of the madness aboard the E. is now at the service. Uhura in her quarters, sandwiches this scene.
Cut McCoy's apology to Spock on the bridge.
Added a distress call from the colony as Kirk is beamed back aboard, followed by a bridge scene as the crew follows the SOS, leading into the Enterprise heading to the fake colony in Day of the Dove.
Cut all dialogue regarding the attack on the colony being an unknown attacker.
Cut the corridor/turbolift scene after the klingons are beamed aboard. In this edit, our heroes have no doubt that it is the klingons, due to the alien's already-present influence on their minds.
Cut both times Mara talks of Federation mistreatment of prisoners.
Cut Scotty walking up a ladder and speaking to Sulu prior to engineering being taken over, and truncated the following scene after the takeover.
Cut Kirk's line instructing Mara to come with him and Spock to find the alien.
Cut Mara's dialogue on klingon survival.
A truncated version of The Tholian Web final scene, ends the episode.

Approx 1 hr 17 mins.


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Project complete. Thread moved to Fixes, Mixed & TV. Congrats!
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