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Cinderella Man Vintage Edition by Gekko


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First King Kong, then Pearl Harbor, and now with Cinderella Man my "Vintage Edition" trilogy is complete.

mininova, piratebay

Tagline: When a nation was on its knees, he brought millions to their feet.

Original film name: Cinderella Man
New film name: Cinderella Man (Vintage Edition)
Film studio name: Universal Pictures
Edit crew name: geKKo
Date original film was released: June 3, 2005
Date edit was released: September 1, 2007
Original runtime: 2h 18m (without credits)
New runtime: 1h 39m
Amount of time Cut/Added: 39 minutes

Cuts removed/added/extended :
- Removed pre-depression scenes.
- Fewer scenes with Mike Wilson (drunk, hooverville, funeral).
- Removed scene with Mae confronting the Gould's.
- Removed training montage.
- Re-edited fight scenes for less cutaways and ringside commentary.
- Trimmed history lesson ending.
- Other minor cuts to improve pacing. In total, over 100 cuts!
+ Converted to black and white.
+ Added dust and scratches to simulate old film.
+ Added "Vintage Edition" under the main title, and re-editor credit at the end.

Fanedit details:
Video: 854 x 480, H.264, 1800kbps
Audio: 48kHz, AAC, 128kbps, Stereo

Your intention for this fanedit:
Faster pace with a classic film feel.

Hardware and software information (what did you use to create your fanedit):
Final Cut Pro 6

Additional Comment:
This edit keeps the focus on Jim Braddock and his struggle to keep his family afloat.

The sub-plot about some guy he befriends who eventually dies has been removed.

There is less exposition about the Goulds selling off their stuff.

Much of the fight sequences have been re-edited. In the original cut, the camera is constantly cutting away to show the reactions of spectators and people listening to the fight. There's also so much running commentary by the ringside announcer that it gets a bit annoying. This edit has fewer cutaways, and some of the ringside commentary has been toned down.

Most of the epilogue history factoids have been removed. We now only see the one about what Braddock did with the money he won in the Baer fight since that's the most relevant. Go to wikipedia if you want to learn more about Jim Braddock.

Time needed for the edition:
4 days

persons involved:
I have again authored a DVD from this, which will be uploaded soon. From what I have seen so far this is a very good fanedit.

Maybe downloadable from info
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