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Christopher Reeve Superman Material


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This is just a general inquiry to the board about the existence of the most comprehensive collection of Superman material from the Christopher Reeve Superman movies...

I know there have been numerous DVD and Blu-Ray releases, but I'm having trouble tracking down which releases have the most comprehensive collection of scenes in the highest quality.

Also, with the "deleted scenes," have they been upscaled for highest quality in the latest Blu-Ray releases? Is there still a large portion of material missing from said releases?

I know with all the interest in Superman fanedits, there must be several here on the board who are collectors who have sought to obtain all known material. Anyone know if the 4K Ultra Superman contained more (or less) than the prior Blu Ray release?

motleycat Enterprises inc

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I'd like to see the original workprint of Superman IV get released, not to mention the extended television cut of Superman III has yet to be seen in full HD.

And Superman II could use another touch-up.
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