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Cemetary Junction (2010)


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Finally Ricky Gervais has grown up! I was a bit dubious about seeing this one as the invention of lying was in my opinion an awful pile of shit (ok it was kinda ok up until god got involved) and was toying with seeing Date Night but my girl said she wanted to see something with a bit of heart so we went for Ricky new movie.

and, boy was i glad i went with her choice :) what we got was a lovely little period piece about the coming of age of 3 young guys. if youre expecting Office/Extras humour here you'll be sorely disappointed as, like i said, Ricky has finally grown up and given us something with a bit of meat on the bone.

the funny scenes were perfect, humour but within the context of the story, the sad emotional scenes were pretty difficult to sit through not because they were embarrassing (the early scene with the son and his dad in the lounge was simply heartbreaking) but because they were so real. also the way they handled the redemption of this character was for me one of the best cinematic experiences ive seen in a very long time.

all in all, if you want to come away from a movie with a few things to think about and a bittersweet sort of triumph then you should definitely see this one.

btw take your girl/partner/SO you'll totally get extra brownie points :) this movie truly has a good heart.
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