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Captain Marvel: Where's the Love:


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Captain Marvel has always been a very middle of the road MCU film, a simplistic Phase 1 style film stuck in the much more nuanced Phase 3. There were never any major plot related issues with the film like there were with other not so good entries (looking at you 'The Dark World') only moments that pull you out of the film in order to directly tell the audience something rather than just trusting their own film to do so. This edit makes no massive changes to the plot, unlike some, instead tidies it up in a way that feels like a actual MCU editor would. Additional, some of the other changes, such as the subtle colour grading, do a better job at informing the story than the original ever did. What it does do it reframe the story relating to family (the Kree supplied family vs the found family on Earth) rather than a loner muddling her way through a story which is bound to play in better with the sequel which will be about the Marvel family. Technically the edits are integrated as well as can be expected from a home level of technology and very few changes stand out in any way unless the viewer has a forensic level of familiarity with the original. There's occasions where there's drops in the sound mixing but it's not really something that can be got around without the raw filmstock. Plus, two of my suggestions made it into the edit so there's that.

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