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Boon's guide to fanediting with Sony Vegas

I thought it created 4. Can you actually properly split the front stereo by adding it this way?

And this is soooo much less of a pain than creating 6 mono tracks? ;-)
Yes, you can select for the track to use just the left or right side, and just copy that track and use the other side.

Seems more simple to me than going through another program and more files. Not a lot, but a little.
ok, but how are you going through another program. you have to take the same number of steps to get a 5.1 wav as you do 6 mono wavs.
ThrowgnCpr said:
does it separate them into 6 unique tracks? IIRC, it separated them differently than just adding 6 mono tracks. Its been a while since I did it though, so I could be wrong.

Regardless, I don't see how creating 6 mono tracks is a pain. It takes an extra few clicks and half a second of thought...

Yes it will separate into 6 unique tracks, but if you cut one it will cut all of them.
Thanks Boon. I used your tutorial to get the film from Dvd to Vegas and am now begining my first proper edit. At first I was totaly overwhelmed with all the software and instructions, but now that I know how, it's as easy as ome two three. Cheers.
I'm having rendering issues with Vegas.

I've been editing a lagarith avi with 6 channels of audio, and now I want to render the rough edit, to play back through my home cinema system. I rendered it as an Mpeg 2 and it turned out darker than it should be and with only 2.0 audio. So basically I don't know what I'm doing. How should I be rendering it to get a playable Dvd. It's a Pal project.
is your TV set up as your monitor? i had this problem but when i burned my rendered video to dvd and played it on another tv the picture was fine. you could give this a try
Thanks for the reply leeroy. I played the Mpeg file on my PC and my PS3, so I'll try what you suggest. Thanks again.
Stepstone's avatar said:

Sorry for going off topic but oh man!!! is that THE car?
when i right click the lagarith dll....it doesnt give me the option to install

nevermind...got it to work
I made this thread a sticky...got sick of looking for it ;)
I'm trying to convert what appears to be an uncompressed avi file (it's huge - 2GB for a few minutes) to a lagarith avi. Trying to use DGPulldown per the guide, but I get the message "The input file must be an elementary stream, not a program stream."

DG pulldown is for MPG elementary streams (m2v or mpv). You are working with an AVI container. What exactly are you trying to do? Is it a 29.97 file that you are trying to make 23.976? what is the source of the uncompressed AVI?
greenpenguino did some effects work for me on my edit but sent me a huge avi file. I'm trying to make it lagarith to match my other clips and so it doesn't take up so much hard drive space.

I just checked and the video is 25 fps. It's 1024x576x24, with a 1.0 pixel aspect ratio.

It also has audio attached but it comes in as a single stereo track on the timeline. Not sure what I can do about that (everything I'm working with is 5.1).
hmmm, he used a PAL source. You can force 23.976 on the video in virtualdub. This will slow down the video slightly. Which is OK, because the PAL source is sped up. You can then stretch the audio using BeSweet. There is a setting to go from PAL 25 to NTSC 23.976. Stereo to 5.1 is a whole other issue. you can fake 5.1 a bunch of different ways. first thing you have to do though, is get that in a working NTSC framerate.
Alright, tried to convert in virtualdub. Few things I noticed...

1) Vegas reports the converted clip as 23.976 fps, so that's good
2) Video quality seems degraded. I'm no expert at this, but the converted file is clearly degraded compared to green's clip - it's either duller, or more washed out, or *something*. I compared his clip to my original DVD source and they look fairly comparable, so it's something that happened in my conversion.
3) I converted as lagarith avi (which maybe caused the problem in #2?), but the file is still huge. It's 50% smaller, but should it still be 1.4 GB for 1 minute of video/audio?
4) Green's clip and my converted clip are slightly different AR from the DVD source. The height looks the same but the width is slightly cut off. Is this due to the 1.0 pixel ratio instead of the 1.2121?
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