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Blade Runner 2049 Androids Dream


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Update - this is now completed and available.


Blade runner 2049 is a worthy follow up to the original masterpiece but after repeat viewings it becomes apparent that the pacing leads to an unnecessary long run time.

Watching in the cinema I remember putting together a cut together in my head and keeping an eye out to see where the character of Joi and Agent K thinking he might be Deckards son would go. Its turns out, that while interesting the film is easily streamlined with these omissions. 

Joi is now completely removed. And now K is driven in his mission solely by implanted memories.

I have also removed the ambush at the scrap yard, to remove Joi and I also thought K turning into a terminator for two minutes was out of place. And made slight trims here and there to improve pacing. 40mins have been removed and the film has a new running time of 2hrs3mins.
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