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Blade Runner 2008 Extended Edition:


Staff Member
Blade Runner 2008 Extended Edition:

So, some background. I last watched Blade Runner maybe six months ago, probably longer. I've only seen the Final Cut, and everytime I've watched it I've had distractions, such as chatting with a friend about unrelated matters, or checking my phone, or whatever else. I've always loved the asthetic of the film, that at least I would never forget, but I always regret when I watch films and let myself get distracted, missing all the important story. So I've been wanting to revisit the film without any distractions since then. But then I'd decide not to, and get lost trying to choose which version and whatnot.
Then I found this edit, and I don't think it was a bad decision to watch this as my first TRUE viewing of Blade Runner.
As someone who is easily distracted, having the option to listen to the narration was wonderful. I'd always heard that the narration was cheaply tacked on at the end of production because the company thought people would be confused by the plot, though reading up more on it, I'm not sure if it's that, or just to give an overall more Noirish feeling. Regardless, I'd heard it was bad, until the description of the edit said that the editor preferred it. So I watched the film with it, and I definitely prefer it as well. There are gaps without any dialogue, which I can see the appeal of for some hardcore fans, but as a simpleton, I sort of lose focus with too many moments like that, so the narration helped to fill the void, and also generally expand upon Deckard's character and the world.
Now, the narration is the only big thing I can comment on. There isn't a whole lot of the film that I remember from previous viewings, so any changes made didn't stand out. So actually, I suppose that's something to comment on, all the sources were blended together so perfectly that I couldn't tell what strayed from the main source. For this, I gave the editing top scores, because I had no idea what was edited differently.
Nothing major is removed, the plot is intact, and I see no reason why this shouldn't be recommended to any first time viewer, or long time fan. For all I care, this IS Blade Runner.

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