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Blade: Pureblood Edition


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by Kemposato
What is it about? Re-defining some characters by taking out some inconsistent or laughable moments and comprehensively re-editing some sequences to give characters a new direction.

Tagline: All the Strengths, None of the Weaknesses.
original film name: Blade
new film name: Blade: Pureblood Edition
film studio name: (none)
edit crew name: Kemposato
Date Original Film Was Released: August 1998
Date Edit Was Released: July 2007
Original Runtime: 2 hours
New Runtime: 1:47:38
Amount of time Cut/Added: 12 minutes 22 seconds
Cuts removed/added/extended:

*Opening time title cards cut. Avoids dating the film, it has more of a life of its own.

*Quinn's "That's him..." pre-battle dialogue cut. Obnoxious and silly. I liked capable henchmen Quinn versus incompetent Harle-Quinn (oh, I'm so punny!)

*Frost's "Like it matters" dialogue cut. He's more menacing if he's not a brat about the discrimination of Pureblood or Turned.

*Entire Essence of Garlic herb seller scene removed. Provides information we learn elsewhere and is not relevant to the rest of the story.

*Frost/Dragonetti's archive homoeroticism re-edited. This is now where Frost decided to extract Dragonetti's fangs later on instead of having a weird homoerotic moment.

*Karen no longer checks the phone in her apartment. She's no dummy, she's hauling ass out of town after the hallway scare.

*Karen no longer says "Is all that really necessary?" in Krieger's beating. If she's hauling ass out of town forever, she's smart enough not to care if Blade breaks the table.

*Frost examining the complete translation moved to directly after Krieger escapes in public. This was the only relevant material of the vampire party scene--the rest is cut due to irrelevant indulgence.

*Blade's "like me," line cut. He knows he's a badass but has no need or interest in publicly expressing it. The sword twirl says it all.

*Intro to vampire safehouse trimmed. Way too long in the original film.

*Blade/Karen archive sequences seamlessly joined as the Vampire Party/Krieger's ultimately irrelevant message delivery and death no longer exist.

*Pearl scene comprehensively re-edited. Neither Blade nor Karen now allow for any screwing around and don't hesitate to use the UV lamp.

*Blade's archive capture scene trimmed. Quinn is less of a funny man charicature and more to the point. "Pig sticker" sequence moved slightly earlier.

*Whisler's "Give me a goddamn wheelchair" cut. Totally out of character for Whistler and inappropriate timing.

*Dragonetti execution scene trimmed. Frost's bratty dialogue removed--he calculate and executes instead of shooting his mouth off. Quinn's stupid jokes removed. Dragonetti keeps a little more dignified composure.

*Blade/Frost park encounter trimmed. Frost chooses his words more carefully, keeps his composure, excessively curses less. Blade's anti-hero side comes out more. Entire conversation more to the point.

*Frost's "I ain't gonna bite you," cut. He's a bit more vicious if he just kicks him.

*Slow-motion shot of Whistler dropping the gun cut and music cue trimmed. Three words-- "OH, THE HUMANITY!"

*Frost's "I see such a beautiful women..." cut. He's a vampire, so his seemingly sexual attraction to a human is a bit weird. He remains quirkily courteously base.

*Frost's "Everyone you've ever known... everyone you ever f*cking loved" cut. Too much cursing, too much loss of composure.

*Frost/Quinn's "You want him alive?" "Shut the f*ck up!" exchange cut. Amusing, but unnecessarily distracts from the moment and provides no character we don't already have.

*Flashback of Whistler cut before "I just work for them!" Blade is pissed and we already know why. It's plays better if he has zero hesitation.

*Vampire cherry bombs removed from hallway fist fight. NO VAMPIRE CHERRY BOMBS. EVER.

*Blade no longer sees the same prophecy translation we've seen twice before. Whistler's explanation is enough.

*Blade capture sequence comprehensively re-edited. Frost's dialogue is both re-sequenced and moved. Much shorter, more to the point, less bratty behavior and cursing.

*Frost's temple speech heavily trimmed. More intelligent if more to the point.

*Frost's "Let's see this sword of yours" sequence is cut entirely. Moves straight to serum. (Sure, we see him handle a sword for the duel later--but come on, he's a Blood GOD later so handling a sword should be no sweat, right? And where does he GET that sword, anyway?!)

*Frost's "You should've listened to your blood" speech trimmed for excess.

*Quinn's laugh present but trimmed. Too clownish with the first half of it intact.

*Mother's "Sooner or later the thirst always wins" cut. Yeah... we get it... and that's not the point of their exchange anyway.

*Quinn/Frost's "Naughty vampire Gods" exchange removed. Quinn the clown again, and Frost's duplicity hinted at but which we already know about.

*Racquel's "Pureblood spirit" speech removed. Now after the two Purebloods try and reason with her she just kills the extra Pureblood accountant.

*Lightning striking the Daywalker holding box in temple cut. If Blade isn't in it anymore, shouldn't that screw everything up? Removed for continuity reasons.

*Frost's post-Godification grunts and "Not anymore," cut. Why does a God need to grunt or make a cheesy "Exorcist" homage?

*Quinn's "Two new hands to kill with" cut. He charges in and is now decapited. Why give Blade more opportunity to prepare?

*All "FROST!" shouts during Henchmen battle are cut.

*Racquel's "I'm really going to enjoy this now" is cut. Just silly--get ready to kill her already.

*Frost's "Hey Blade.... let's do this" cut. Silly way to start a duel. The sword twirl remains to communicate the sentiment more effectively.

*Frost's "You're too late, Blade!" cut. Corny line.

*Second half of duel on center pillar trimmed--all crazy Jujitsu/Kung Fu twirly crap is cut. Fixed Frost's wrong arm punching jump cut from original film.

*Frost's dialogue and bratty behavior in remainder of duel cut. There's no menace if he keeps shooting his mouth off.

*Blade on his back nearly seamlessly joined (to accomodate the previous cut), serum location shot reversed to end Close Up on serum.

*Frost's crazy high jump in the shadows cut. Just an awful shot with an awful music cue.

*Serum throws re-edited and re-foley'd. Frost no longer jumps about and the serum throws no longer ring like a cash register nor does Blade scream the whole time.

*Frost vampire cherry bomb cut. "Ice skate uphill" line moved later in the scene to accomodate. NO VAMPIRE CHERRY BOMBS!!!!

*Various instances of re-worked foley or layered sound throughout.
Fanedit details :

NTSC widescreen video
2.0 Stereo mix soundtrack

Also, please feel free to view the bonus "tribute" to "GHOST RIDER" in the Bonus menu.

Your intention for this fanedit:
I saw a lot of potential in this movie that was ruined or lessened by some of the sillier moments, periodic bad special effects, and the sometimes poor or inconsistent characterization. I wanted to make this a more serious film that would be closer to standing next to what I believe are well done comic book adaptations such as "Batman Begins." I sought to create a version of "Blade" that lived in its own universe with its own unique set of rules and characters that an audience could take seriously and remain intrigued with.

Your way to achieve your intention:
Re-defining some characters by taking out some inconsistent or laughable moments and comprehensively re-editing some sequences to give characters a new direction.
Editing around distractingly poor CGI.
Economizing the story by removing non-narrative/character crucial scenes.
Hardware and software information:
Womble MPEG-2 editor (Video)
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 (audio)
DVD-Lab 2.0 (Authoring)

Additional Comment: This is my first fanedit attempt and I think it turned out pretty well, but certain parts of it I was in a little over my head. I managed to smooth MOST of the video/audio glitches or inconsistencies, but there a few rough spots that, with the way the surround sound was mixed, I just couldn't find a way around.

Time needed for the edition:
Off and on for a couple months

persons involved: Just little old me, Kemposato


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