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Big Man On Campus (1989) [[[PROJECT]]]


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Big Man On Campus (aka Hunchback Hairball Of L.A.) 1989

(((((The Video For This Project Is DVD Like)))))

This project is for someone that is excellent at taking a foreign tvrip video source
and precisely synching it with English audio from a VHS source, resulting in the best
quality available, seeing as this movie was never released on DVD. I myself am not
this person, as I do have some knowledge of how it is done, I have never been that
successful with it. If you can do this project in a timely manner please undergo the
task at hand and upload it when complete for myself and others to enjoy! If along
the way you care to go a step further and clean up the video even more that would be
great as well, I look forward to seeing the finished results!

Files Included:

1) Big Man On Campus (1989) [USE ENGLISH AUDIO]
(To use the audio).

2) Big Man On Campus (1989) [USE SLOVAKIAN VIDEO]
(To use the video).

3) Big Man On Campus (1989) [English Audio]
(Extracted the English audio, in case it cuts a step out of the project for the undertaker and you
prefer not to have the video with English in it to reference by when building the project).

Thanks ~ bigfamilyfun (Demonoid.com)
Contact Me To Obtain the Files: ssierocki956@gmail.com
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