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Battlestar Galactica: The Legacy Begins


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When people talk about the classic series Battlestar Galactica, they often comment and make fun of the infamous "casino planet" act in the original pilot movie. Well no more!!!

In this fan edit, Mr. Kerin has combined the pilot SAGA OF A STARWORLD with the two-parter LOST PLANET OF THE GODS, into a single epic adventure. Gone is the entire last act of the pilot featuring the casino planet. Gone are all unnecessary subplots. Toned down is much of the 1970s sexism.

Now you have a mythical tale of survival, family and romance with the focus on Adama and the doomed romance of Apollo and Serina.

The edit also features many CGI shots created by Mr. Kerin to help add freshness to the story.

Its a fun, retro-sci-fi adventure. :)




***original dvd art design created by Rogue-theX***
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