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Batman: Year Two (Miniseries), The:


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There were very few things I didn't like about the Batman, and the biggest thing was the length. Watching in smaller chunks was so much more enjoyable. This movie works perfectly as a miniseries, and Don Kamillo pulls it off exceptionally well. I watched an episode a night and was always left wanting more. Couldn't find anything wrong with the editing over the whole series except for one small section, about 3 seconds of footage during the car chase, where the framerate drops. Other than that the editing is flawless. The new title cards and credits sequences are beautiful and really sell the miniseries feel. I was also happy with everything that got removed and rearranged. Just a minor nitpick, I think swapping the final two scenes and closing the last episode on the Riddler and Joker scene would have been a better outro than the Alfred one, but either way I'm glad he chose to move the Alfred scene to after the climax. Worked really well. Great job Don Kamillo! This was a fantastic edit!

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