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Batman: The Killing Joke, The Novel Cut.


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Another great Batman Edit form BlueYoda! Just left a review but here as well, with a little more personal wish list!
  • My favorite fanedits are the ones that save an otherwise unhappy viewing experience. And the original release with all the extra love crap was definitely an unhappy experience to watch for me. Thank god for this edit!

    Pros- A good intro dictates a whole viewing experience for me - start bad, and you spend the rest of the time redeeming yourself. Now, without the excess baggage of studio filler material, this movie is so much closer to the source comic, and so much better because of it. Clearly leaps and bounds above what we were given originally, and still keeps the best parts that resonate with me from the original comic.

    Cons - I can now see kinda why the studio wanted to add more... the pace feels very fast for the emotional story being told, at least not as dark as it came through in the comics at least. Not sure if longer lingering shots would have helped, but while it was very close to the comics in visuals, the pacing felt quick and the score felt too lighthearted. And Gordon's journey didn't feel dark enough. And that is no fault of the BlueYoda at all, I think they did the best they could with what they had.

    I have my personal nitpicks, as anyone would. I am not sure first introducing Batman when he is parking the batmobile on the street and walking in through a front gate is the right tone to start, it just feels so pedestrian. I wish it would have just began once Batman was inside the building. I almost wish this didn't tell so much about Batman's emotions (which didn't quite feel 'right" for me, even though I was a fan of the original comic), leaving him dark and more mysterious, and just focused on Joker's journey - where the real emotional meat of the story is.

This will ABSOLUTELY be my preferred way to watch. It should ABSOLUTEY be yours too.


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Yes is really good, I just didn't like the the song in the credits and the fact that it didn't start on the same shot of the ground as the end but other than that is good šŸ˜€
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