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Batman & Robin: Deep Freeze:


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Wow... just... wow! Music Ed has accomplished something truly great here by turning easily the worst Batman movie into a coherent and even enjoyable experience. It felt very much like watching a live action version of B:TAS. While I'm typically not a fan of watching a black and white version of a current movie (Fury Road is an all-time favorite movie of mine but I can't watch the silver and chrome version because I feel it mutes so much of what makes that movie great), it fits the tone of this edit perfectly. Pair that with the rescores which especially helped to elevate the tone of this edit. I never knew how great the scores from the Arkham games were. There really is a ton to love here. The complete expulsion of Bane is done masterfully and you would never know for a second that he was there if you've never seen the film. An editor after my own heart, I love that a lot of dialogue is cut out during fight scenes (biggest example being Batgirl vs Poison Ivy). I've always felt this gives a much greater intensity. The redone opening credits are great and cutting back and forth helps eliminate a lot of garbage. There are some very minor gripes but I feel you can find that with most any edit. While I adore the rescores, there were two moments where it shifts back to the regular score that feel awkward (opening when Batman and Robin are chasing Freeze down the tunnel, Climax when the gang is leaving Poison Ivy's layer/shots of the Observatory with Freeze) and there are a handful of shots that look either visibly slowed down or noticeably cropped. Again, these are minor and only distracting for a moment but those are where the knocks on A/V editing come from. This edit should without a doubt replace the original for anyone lucky enough to watch it. It's really not even a fair fight. Great job on taking a near impossible task and running with it!

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