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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery - Shagadelic Special Edition

Bobson Dugnutt

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Name? Austin Danger Powers. Sex? Yes please!

I don't know if many people know of the longer International Cut of the film which is the one I'm familar with, but apparently isn't widely released or at least known of. Some of the scenes were on the US DVD as deleted scenes which confused me greatly. The Shagadelic Special Edition puts everything back together along with a few extra deleted scenes to make the longest possible cut in acceptable quality. ADigitalMan did this a long time ago, but missed a lot of stuff from the International Cut that wasn't avalible in the US, and also wasn't HD, so hopefully this feels more complete.  

The Blu-Ray also looks rather flat and overly bright, so I've taken the liberty and coloured it to my own liking, which hopefully isn't too extreme. 









Comparison here

- new dialogue after Austin is introduced to Vanessa, Basil warning him to be careful
- extended scene with Number Two discussing Virtucon's legimate businesses
- extended scene with Vanessa talking to her mum about Austin, with them discussing the topic of sex
- extended scene of Austin trying to get information out of Alotta Fagina with new dialogue and alternate shots
- new scene with Austin using some tactics and fake ID to get past the guard
- cutaway to the henchman's family after Austin kills him with a steamroller
- another cutaway to a henchman's bachelor party, as his friend's worry after his head is eaten by ill-tempered mutated sea-bass
- new scene with Austin meeting the Guard who checked their fake IDs while Project Vulcan is about to fire
- extended scene with Number Two attempting to make a business deal with Austin and cutting ties with Dr Evil
- extended epilogue with some new gags and a longer fight with Random Task

US Theatrical - 1:29:35
Shagadelic Special Edition - 1:35:49
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