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Audio Editing Education Thread


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A lot of editors struggle with audio. This is a thread to talk about challenges and solutions, and share advice and good resources for bettering the craft of audio editing, mixing, and remixing.

One reason it's difficult to find relevant information for editing film audio is most audio editing resources, be they programs, learning materials, or communities, are geared specifically toward music production. While the two fields are similar with similar equipment, the standards and practices from one aren't always applicable to the other.


Today, I want to share an article about audio equalization for film. It has some really good really specific tips and honestly shares some information people buy a book or take a class to get, but here it's all condensed and easy to reference, including this great chart:

For Premiere users, the article also has a collection of free eq presets. Here's the article:

Audio for Video: 5 EQ Tips for Filmmakers

( http://vashivisuals.com/5-eq-audio-for-video-tips-for-filmmakers/ )
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