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Article: Fan Film book "Homeade Hollywood" mentions Fanedits


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from hebrides thread:

hebrides said:
....Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind the Camera.....

Towards the end of the book, on page 259, Young also mentions fanedits, describing them as a distinct form of fan film. Judging from the particular edits he cites, it seems likely that he's spent at least some time on fanedit.org (and perhaps he's here now?).

He references (but does not refer to by name) Jack Marshall's Star Trek Phase II: In Thy Image, killbillme's Cast Away Remixed by Jorge, boon's 13 to 30 Extraflirty, and ADigitalMan's Love Actually: Bloated and Flatulent Extended Edition. He also refers to "numerous versions of The Phantom Menace that hack out the dreaded Jar-Jar Binks."
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