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Army of Darkness - The TV Cut


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I have started work on what will become a high definition presentation of the tv cut of Army of Darkness - my favorite version of the film.  I originally thought this to be a lost cause because of the recent botched home video releases of the tv cut in "Ultimate Editions".  These are the only commercial releases of the tv cut that I'm aware of:

Koch DVD - Crappy interlaced NTSC to interlaced PAL conversion with weird framerate that increases and decreases at times.  A nightmare, but it shows the original NTSC source looked very nice.  Much nicer than my old Sci-Fi channel recording that I used to help make the Primitive Screwhead Edition.  Shame about the NTSC to PAL Conversion.  Why they didn't IVTC to 23.976fps and then speed it up to 25fps is beyond me.

Scream Factory - Horrible.  They seriously took the Koch DVD and did an even crappier conversion back to NTSC.  It has the same MPEG-2 blocking and atrocious blends from the Koch, but with half the resolution of that release.  A total disappointment.

If there are any releases with a proper NTSC presentation, I would love to see them.

So basically, to save the 2 unique sequences from the tv cut requires this:

I ran the Koch DVD through QTGMC in AviSynth which resulted in

This will probably be as close to a high definition version of The Primitive Screwhead Edition that I will ever create.
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