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Anchorman: Whammy Edition


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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest creation in the Uncanny Antman universe.

And what an addition to the library it has turned out to be!

The video quality is astounding, as always.
The audio doesn't miss a beat.
And the only reason I noticed the new scenes is because I've seen Anchorman too many times not to notice.

5 out of 5 for me, UA!



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I thought it was awesome. The only real gripe I have is about the unfinished "Wake Up Ron Burgundy" fight scene (with the newsteam in front of blank backgrounds) being inserted briefly into the big brawl, as it breaks up the flow a bit - but otherwise, flawless.

One question though - why didn't you use more of 'Wake Up Ron Burgundy'? I mean, what happened to Ron's fantasy about crashing to the floor with Veronica and screaming "LET'S MAKE A BABY"? Champ on the roof screaming "ORGY"? Just curious; if it's because you couldn't manipulate the music, that's understandable. (Now that I think of it, it does seem like inserting anything into the pool party would be a bastard.)

Uncanny Antman

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Original film name: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.
New film name: Anchorman: Whammy Edition.
Film studio name: Dreamworks.
Edit crew name: Uncanny Antman.
Date Original Film Was Released: 2004
Date Edit Was Released: July 2008
Original Runtime: 1h38m
New Runtime: 1h59m

Your intention for this fan edit: To make wit' the funny.

Your way to achieve your intention: Culled any scenes that I liked from "Wake Up, Ron Burgundy" (excluding ones that directly related to the alternate subplot) and smacked 'em into the spot I done thunk they should go. Whammy!

Cuts removed/added/extended:
Main changes:

* Added extra newscast mentioning Bigfoot, and cut-away to nursing home.
* Added Brian Fantana's brief report about the evils of breastfeeding.
* Replaced Brick Tamland's weather report for one about leaving animals in cars.
* Added Champ telling Ron about the party, and the 'News Team!' transition to party.
* Added additional scene to end of first argument with Wes Mantooth. (Taken from after the end credits.)
* Added Ron driving with Veronica without watching the road.
* Added Ron and Veronica going into Tino's.
* Added Brian, Champ, and Brick driving around without Ron.
* Switched in long version of Veronica being angry at Ron about revealing their relationship.
* Extended and replaced sections of the scene where Veronica requests better stories to report.
* Extended first newscast after Veronica joins the team.
* Added cafeteria scene wherein the team decide what to do about the ‘Corningstone situation'. Brick eats "one of those delicious falafel hotdogs with cinnamon and bacon on top". Yummy!
* Replaced the scenes of the team messing with Veronica. The added alternate versions are, Fast teleprompter, "Ten pizzas" phone call, Foam phone call.
* Added Champ's 'Must be that time of the month' comment and subsequent science lesson.
* Added News Team action poses to the street fight.
* Mirrored several flipped shots of Brick with trident during News Team rumble to fix continuity.
* Added scene of Veronica having a hard time at work after Ron is fired.
* Added Ron crying in the shower.
* Added Ron visiting his mentor, Jess Moondragon.
* Added scene of Ed arguing with his heretofore unseen son, Chris.
* Added scene of Ron at a bar, close to being kicked out due to the smell.
* Added scene of the News Team driving to the zoo wherein Champ finally speaks his mind. Extreme uncomfortableness ensues.
* Added PSA with Ron to the very end of the credits.

Several other tweaks and snips, mainly to do with excising references to the Alarm Clock storyline in the added scenes.

Fan edit details : NTSC. Anamorphic. 5.1 audio. DVD also features the teaser, the trailer, a short animated Anchorman segment, and a compilation of various moments not used in the film. The menus also feature additional footage if you just let them play.

Hardware and software information : Premiere, Photoshop, DVDLabPro.

Time needed for the edition: 1 month. (I think…it's been a while and my memory ain't what I wish it was.)

Persons involved: One.


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