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Aliens - The Cocoon Cut

Bobson Dugnutt

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An extended cut of an extended cut of Aliens.

This adds back the last shreds of footage from the Aliens cutting room floor (besides one rough bit that doesn't quite work), as presented on the Anthology Blu-Ray. It was on the disc in SD for whatever reason, so I've experimented with AI Upscaling the footage, since most of the clips are a few seconds here and there and wouldn't take too long. Hopefully the whole thing is seamless though, as one particular section took some Ebsynth work to flow back into the final film. I won't mention which scene as I don't want anyone to notice the seams that may be visable.

All the new stuff adds up to barely over a minute, but there may be fans out there who want to see the Burke Cocoon scene in particular as it's been one of those "I swear I saw it on TV" scenes.

- Burke comments on promises after Ripley says she promised her daughter she'd be home
- Spunkmeyer quotes Danny Glover's age comment a whole year before Lethal Weapon
- Burke cracks a joke seeing the ruined Colony on the view screens
- Drake comments on his lack of care for Newt
- Newt tries to run off before they leave for the Terraformer, Hicks catches her
- Hicks tries to stay optimistic when Ripley assumes the Aliens will get them
- Ripley finds Burke cocooned on her way to rescue Newt

Special Edition - 2:34:27
Cocoon Cut - 2:35:29

I can make a version without the Colony scenes as well, as I do hate those scenes (as not seen here) , if there is demand for one.


lapis molari

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I thought you had figured out a way to combine Aliens and Cocoon. :(
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