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Adobe Premiere 14.x Source Monitor Question


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I was hoping someone could advise me how to accomplish this please.

I was using previously using a previous version of Adobe Premiere (v12.x I believe). I never had more than two video sources. However, whenever I added two overlapping videos onto the timeline, the Source Monitor window would show V1 as the background video and V2 as a smaller video overlapping the background V1 video (kind of like picture-in-picture). I never adjusted any settings to accomplish this and felt it was a tremendously valuable and easy way to sync up audio and videos for me and worked very well.

However, recently I have updated to v14.0, and now what I get is if there is overlapping video, V2 is what's shows. V1 is only shown if there is no V2 on the timeline sequence (although both audios play).

Can someone PLEASE help me get back to what I had previously with Picture-in-Picture with V1 as the primary background? I have searched both the help and online sources, and every method that I have come across either doesn't work or in not applicable to this version.

Thanks so much in advance.
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