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A 4K Rig


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I'm just getting back into the editing scene and I'm trying to work out a good build for a 4k editing rig.
So with a budget of about $2,000 lets toss together a rig!
I've got 16 GB of ram to keep in the new machine from my old one, as well as the 4K ripping diskdrive so I've got that coverd at least.
That will save a bit of cash for other components. Got all the peripherals too like jog wheels, but I'm always looking for another jog wheel or nifty gadget to aid in the process.
I'll be doing lots of re-coloring so does a touchpad help with that in anyway? A tablet to interface with?
I'm not against going mac but the power you get for 2k in a mac doesn't seem comparable. Seems like windows is fully the way nowadays!
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