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  1. poster3b.jpg


  2. recordwrangler95

    Superman's Family Album

    After having finished off my box set of the (criminally underrated) 1988 Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon, I decided to string together all of the supporting "Superman's Family Album" segments from each episode into a short film telling the story of Clark Kent's infancy/childhood/adolescence in...
  3. Cover Art - ifdb.jpg

    Cover Art - ifdb.jpg

    Superman - The Richard Donner Vision
  4. JosephDQuinn

    Zack Snyder's Dawn of Justice

    After seeing Zack Snyder’s Justice League, I was inspired to re-edit Batman V Superman into 7 parts, titling each one from a line of dialog said during the film, ala JL. One of my complaints for BVS was how the first half largely feels like a movie filled with “moments.” Character introduction...
  5. Gieferg

    Justice League Remixed

    Since there was no one to provide any feedback on work-in-progress version I've fixed few little things in the "Stage 2 - Remixed" cut and proceed to work on the "Stage 3 - Grindhoused" edit. If any further errors will be detected, I will try fix them for the Blu-ray release. "REMIXED" version...
  6. AngusBurger22

    All-Star Superman Sequel Mashup

    I'm working on a mashup of the Christopher Reeve Superman sequels II, III, and IV. Inspired by Grant Morrison's All-Star Superman comic storyline, the goal is to combine the best (worst) scenes into one 3 hour edit, give or take. It serves as a direct follow up to Superman 1978. Plot goal...
  7. Zarius

    Superman: The Animated Series: Risk & Revelation (Brainiac Attacks Edit)

    This divisive little piece of now-obscure Superman media was released around the peak of marketing for Superman Returns. It's been widely criticised by fans of Superman: The Animated Series for, amongst other things, inconsistent continuity and characterisations (particularly with Lex Luthor) as...
  8. D

    Superman Movies

    What's everyone's opinions on the Superman films (new and old)? I've been reviewing them on my blogspot for the past year (Posting them to Reddit as well), and I've made it all the way through BvSUE. I've found something of value in all of them except for Superman III, and I've greatly enjoyed...
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