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    MARVEL The TV Series - Season One

    MARVEL, The TV Series + website Listing of this edit: https://ifdb.fanedit.org/marvel-the-tv-series-season-1/ Release December, 25 Update The review period has ended and the calendar for MARVEL, The TV Series is now official: Season One Premiere: December 25, 2022. You can already watch the...
  2. The Incredible Hulk - HD Extended Edition

    The Incredible Hulk - HD Extended Edition

    Poster for The Incredible Hulk - HD Extended Edition by Mister Cooper
  3. Zarius

    Amazing Spider-Man: The Night Gwen Stacy Died Extended Cut & The Goblins Last Stand Alternative Cut

    I decided to spend the morning tackling a timeless Spider-Man classic (issue 121), and seeing if I could enhance the original story. Using pages from "Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy", I've pieced together such an attempt, occasionally rearranging panels here and there to tighten the bolts...
  4. NFBisms

    HAWKEYE: My Life As A Weapon Motion Comic Series

    I did a motion comic series adapting Matt Fraction's run on the Hawkeye series. First episode went live today! Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: no more episodes coming soon!
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