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  1. V

    Submitting - DVD and Digital

    Hello, I’m going to make a fan edit and I’m wondering if I should send it as a DVD or Digital when I’m done. And if Digital can be mp4 and without a DVD. I can make a DVD if it should be.
  2. kidjupiter92

    Dune: Kwisatz Haderach - Part 1

    Original Movie Title: Dune [Part One] (2021) Genre: Sci-Fi Franchise: Dune Fanedit Type: FanFix Original Release Date: 2021 Original Running Time: 155 mins Fanedit Release Date: March 2024 Fanedit Running Time: 133 mins Time Cut: 22 mins Time Added: N/A Available in HD? Yes Overview: With...
  3. dune kh1 fe poster.png

    dune kh1 fe poster.png

    Poster for my Dune: Kwisatz Haderach Part 1 fanedit.
  4. Blue Owl

    Happy Twin Peaks Day Everybody!

    Today's the day that agent Cooper arrived in Twin Peaks for the first time. Here's some goodies I cut together. My edit of the Twin Peaks film should be on the database soon! It's called The Missing Season. Here's the trailer: And the forum thread...
  5. halloween ends revisited final cut poster.png

    halloween ends revisited final cut poster.png

    Poster I made for my Halloween Ends Revisited: The Final Cut fanedit.
  6. possessor complete poster.png

    possessor complete poster.png

    Poster for kidjupiter92's Possessor Complete fanedit.
  7. Slade Harrison

    Bat In The Sun Fan Film’s Batman Archives Remastered

    I’m needing someone who can preserve all the classic Bat In The Sun, Batman fan films that predate their popular Superpower Beat Down web series. I would like for someone to upscale all of them to 1080 HD starting with Batman Beyond Year One. I happen to still have the file for the full fan...
  8. OlivusPrime

    The Living Daylights - Death to Spies

    Unlike my Transformers edit, here's one which I finished very recently (and thus motivated me to get both listed in the database): Until last year, there were a substantial number of James Bond films I had never seen, and so in the lead-up to No Time to Die (and ultimately, beyond that film's...
  9. Agent Sam Stanley

    True Romance - Quentin Tarantino Cut

    As a big fan of the out of order structure of Tarantino's scripts I always wanted to give this a try. But some deleted scenes play a big part in his original vision of this and they were only available in pretty low quality. The special edition Arrow released recently brought the scenes still in...
  10. JosephDQuinn

    Captain Marvel: The Supreme Cut

    This is my first post on this site ever so I apologize in advance if I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, lets cut to the chase! I had a few issues with Captain Marvel. Not the issues most people have (I actually really like Brie Larson in the role). My issue is with the editing. I saw a great...
  11. Star Wars - A New Hope Revisited: Special Editon

    Star Wars - A New Hope Revisited: Special Editon

    Here is my version of a cover for @lantern51 ’s fan edit of Star Wars - A New Hope.
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