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  1. korach1921

    Can I use FDK AAC without getting into legal trouble?

    I've been meaning to do a custom build of ffmpeg that will enable FDK AAC, but I'm not entirely sure how the codec works. It's licensed. Does that mean I need permission to put it in a fanedit that I'm not making money from? Should it only be for personal use?
  2. P

    Can I split the audio in Davinci resolve?

    Hey guys I'm new to this so bear with if it's obvious. I have 5.1 audio all in one audio track and it would be very useful to edit each track individually. Is there any way to edit them without affecting the other? Can't attach a screenshot as I'm a new user
  3. korach1921

    Would it be misguided to upload my project with 5.1 LPCM audio?

    My idea is to make two or three separate versions of the same project: A large Blu-Ray quality AVC encode with LPCM audio an optional DTS and AAC track; maybe a smaller AVC encode; and then an even smaller HEVC encode that will just have AAC audio. My thinking for the first one is that the...
  4. korach1921

    What to do when adding stereo deleted scenes to 6/8-track movie?

    I'm currently trying to make an extended version of a film, but the deleted scenes are in stereo, while the movie is 5.1. What I've done so far is downmix the stereo to mono and add it to the center track, but that obviously means that every other track is silent for the duration of the scene...
  5. korach1921

    What bitrates do you usually use for which codec (AAC vs AC3 vs EAC3)?

    I'm currently working with a PCM stereo that's mainly music and want to try converting it to a lossy codec, but I'm not sure what bitrate to use. I was thinking of 192 kb/s for AAC stereo and 256kb/s for AC3 (that might be too much?), but completely lost on EAC3 (if I should actually use it at...
  6. korach1921

    Might a be silly question, but is there a software that encodes audio as DTS:HD or DolbyTrueHD?

    So far, the only ones that I've found that seem remotely relevant are the old DTS Master Audio Suite and its successor, DTS:X Encoder. Aside from being up in the thousands of dollars range, I'm a bit confused if these programs actually do allow you to create DTS-HD audio or if I'm overlooking...
  7. R

    Separating Sound Effects, Dialogue and Music?

    Are there any ways in separating these from eachother when wanting to do an edit? (***Mod note*** You can find a very useful how-to here) (***Mod note 2*** You can find a way to extract dialogue from an isolated track, with varying results, here)
  8. Agent Sam Stanley

    Adobe Premiere screwing up audio after export

    It's a simple edit I'm about to export, just a trailer I finished for my latest edit. Audio is playing fine on the program, but after the export there's suddenly glitch sounds, echoes, audio drops. I tried deleting the affected parts and redoing them from scratch, didn't work, same problem.
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