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A few reviews
This discussion deserves its own thread. Might I suggest “Influence, Homage, or Theft.” It can be a fine line. I think QT is a lot like the band Ween. The influences are worn on the sleeve, but in the end it comes out uniquely Tarantino. With Ween, from song to song you can plainly hear Thin Lizzy to Marvin Gaye, but it still comes out as Ween. But again, I’d enjoy expanding on this... in its own thread.
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^Good idea, that could be a fun thread. But any suggestions to kick it off besides QT?
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(Yesterday, 10:41 PM)mnkykungfu Wrote: ^Good idea, that could be a fun thread. But any suggestions to kick it off besides QT?

Off the top of my head: Joker, Stranger Things, JJ Abrams entire filmography, Fistful of Dollars, Star Wars, Shape of Water, Avatar, Cars... I’m sure we could come up with a ton more. The interesting part is that two reasonable people could see any one of those movies as either homage or plagiarism; unoriginal filmmaking or bringing classic stories and tropes to a totally new and inventive style. To go back to music analogy, depending on how familiar I am with the source sample, I alternately find the songs on Paul’s Boutique to have created something totally new to nearly cover tunes. As I said, I think it’s a fine line and one that is different for each person based on what he or she brings to the table.

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