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A few reviews
36 Hours (1965)

[Image: b70-6867]

The plot, courtesy of TV Tropes: "The film is set just before D-Day. The Germans drug and capture Major Jefferson Pike, an American intelligence officer on a mission to Lisbon. They know he was briefed on the planned time and place of the invasion. How to make him talk freely? When he wakes, he is told that he has lost all memory of the last six years. That's right, Major, it's 1950. Yes, of course the Allies won the war back in 1944. You are in a U.S. military hospital in Occupied Germany while we treat your most recent bout of amnesia. Now, as part of your therapy, tell us the last thing you remember..."

A rare 2:35:1 B&W movie - one of the last of the major studio B&W pics before color became the default? There's a good review I mostly agree with here. We're shown the full gambit from the beginning, so instead of being in protagonist James Garner's shoes, wondering why something just doesn't feel right, we're waiting for him to catch on. But while the last third is low-key in an charming, old-timey way, the main interest is the largely sympathetic rapport between Major Pike and his German captor.

Eva Marie Saint is pretty good, but her character doesn't make a lot of sense -

If the Nazis can fill an whole hospital grounds full of fake Americans, can they really not do better than letting a recent concentration camp inmate share a (non-bugged!) cabin with the Major? And, in a movie where the worst torture the SS guy inflicts is mere sleep deprivation, her gang-rape/sex slave backstory/monologue is in dubious taste.

I watched this on a newly-pressed DVD, coinciding with a blu-ray release, and some of the exterior forest shots (from in/around Yosemite, CA) are really blurry - technical limitations of low lighting, maybe? Because most interior/hospital grounds exterior shots look great.

An early, pioneering screen example of the Faked Rip Van Winkle ploy, used numerous times in Mission: Impossible as well as TNG ("Future Imperfect") and Enterprise ("Stratagem"). I was expecting, and would have enjoyed, a more tense third act.

Mary Ryan, Detective - 1949 - 6/10

[Image: Mary%20Ryan%201949.jpg]

Quickie B-film of female cop who infiltrates gang of shoplifters and fences.
Curious to watch a woman handle what would normally be a “man’s” role.
How-to procedural.  Mary is trained how to boost, lift, learn the jargon.
Then into prison and sidle up to gang members on ice.
A nice plot curve here and there, otherwise predictable.
Zygote - 2017 - 6/10

[Image: Zygote%202017.jpg]

Firebase - 2017 - 6/10

[Image: Firebase%202017.jpg]

Regrettably, I have cooled on these “episodes” from Oats Studios.
In the first slice, an experiment has gone terribly wrong in a polar laboratory.
Two wounded survivors flee from the murderous mutation.
In the second slice, a grieving Vietnam war father unleashes the water god.
Carnage ensues.
Neither short, like the earlier Rakka, resolves, both trail off as cliffhangers.
While production values and casting are excellent, the lingering impression is of a glorified movie pitch.
I will watch further releases, although my expectations have dropped.
Morgan (2016)

[Image: 15043604_1830520557225664_5441594019228418048_n.jpg]

Ex Machina x Prometheus = Morgan.

That's really all one needs to know about this training wheels debut from Luke (Son of Ridley) Scott. A dumb movie about dumb characters, but if that's all you're after, what you get is competent enough. I assume most of the $8m budget went to the actors and the Scotts' own pockets, because it's only slightly more expensive looking than something one might find on Vimeo.


Given Ridley's recent enthusiasm for franchising, it's possible the only reason the Corporation isn't actually named as Tyrell or Weyland is that doing so would have heavily telegraphed the mild twist ending, which I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I didn't see coming. In fairness to myself, however, I was busy being annoyed that any assassin, synthetic or not, would go into battle with a haircut that covers one of her eyes.
Things To Come - 2016 - 6/10
AKA - L'avenir

[Image: Things%20Come%202016.jpg]

Isabelle Huppert as philosophy professor whose well-ordered routine unravels.
Campus demonstrations, older favored students who embrace new ideologies, a difficult mother.
Trifling annoyances, to be sure, yet the cascade quietly grows.
The professor navigates course shifts and endings.
She tries to repair or adapt as once-dependable threads unspool.
On the upside, more freedom opens up for her, and she is not a blind soul.
Jiu: Special Investigation Team - 2011 - 5/11
AKA - Jiu: Keishichou Tokushuhan Sousakei // ジウ 警視庁特殊犯捜査係

[Image: Jiu%202011.jpg]
Small children are kidnapped for high ransoms.
The loot is not squandered, however.  Something “big” is planned.
Cop J-drama follows two female officers.
Izaki is the hardass, physically combative type, Kadokura is quieter and idealistic.
Not a buddy movie, though, as one female transfers to SIT, the other to SAT.
Both investigate the blonde serial killer, Jiu, as corpses stack high.
Corny, clichéd, shallow, juvenile.  NWO plotline.
Style flares in the final two episodes. if you stay around long enough.
(08-01-2017, 05:59 PM)Gaith Wrote: Ex Machina x Prometheus = Morgan

It hurts my brain to even consider this combination. 

Here, take all this awesome over here, and mix it with this dogshit over there. aaaaannnnnnd WE GOT A MOVIE!
T2 Trainspotting - 2017 - 6/10

[Image: T2%20Train%202017.jpg]

Twenty year follow-up to the groundbreaking original.
Sick Boy, Spud, Rent Boy, Begbie, and a few others.
Renton returns to the betrayals he left behind, and plans a shizzle with Simon.
Begbie thirsts for vengeance, Spud writes redemption.
Flashbacks remind one of relevant points in the original.
I enjoyed this more than I thought, possibly because my expectations were low.
The Big Switch - 1968 - 4/10

[Image: Big%20Switch%201%201968%20.jpg]

Swinger John Carter enters a hectic period.
He swipes another guy’s smoldering blonde at the disco, drives her to her pad.
There, she gets iced there and he gets framed.
Goes home, where thugs drink his booze, play strip poker, and slap him around.
At work, he’s fired.  Lone job prospect is with a conniving gangster.
Despite enough material for five cheap paperbacks, this movie is slower than a tortoise finding love.
Producers must have realized this because every seven minutes there is nudity.

[Image: Big%20Switch%202%201968.jpg]

Strippers, go-go girls, pinup models, working girls, female wrestlers, dopeheads.
Just when you start to nod off, girls disrobe and bounce the rack.
The plot is crap.  The music - dude - the composer uses a thinly disguised Bond theme!
Not only that, in the last twenty minutes an Aston Martin appears.
Wanted to like this trashy sleaze, but it’s too pokey.
London Town - 2016 - 6/10

[Image: London%202016.jpg]

80s coming of age story in Thatcher England.
15 year old Shay watches over his young sister, Alice, while Dad works two jobs.
Mom, pursuing her own dreams, sends him mix-tapes and writes about glamorous London.
Shay meets the more worldly Vivian and she opens him to the popular culture.
Fairytale elements surface at times.  Encounters with fame, unlikely plot turns.
Clash singer Joe Strummer glides in and about the boy’s life as a benevolent wise man and mentor.
Warm hearted, hopeful fantasy, with very minor edginess.

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