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A few reviews
20th Century Women - 2016 - 7/10

[Image: 20th%20Cent%20Women%202016.jpg]

Coming of age story, time/location specific to 1979 Santa Barbara.
Ma (Annette Benning) asks two other females to help raise (watch over) fatherless son.
What really occurs, however, is the three females work out bad stretches using the son as listener, witness, Greek chorus.
The teenage boy is fine because, unlike a man, he simply listens instead of trying to “fix” problems.
Talky, yet this does not drag.  Should girlfriends load this, guys ought to be able to tolerate.
I caught a few minor errors, probably because I was in Southern California in the mid-late 70s.
Fast And Loose - 1939 - 6/10

[Image: 2chtfg5.jpg]

Breezy sequel to 1938‘s Fast Company.  Same characters, different lead actors.
Eccentric collector hires rare book dealers to buy rare Shakespeare manuscript from financially strapped tycoon.
There is also a first edition Milton that goes lost then found then lost.
Parties meet at the mansion, along with offspring, stock broker, gangsters, eventually the police.
Correcto mundo.  Killing.  For books!
Fast paced, a jumble of characters, assortment of motives, a plot that borders on gibberish.
Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery endearing as book hounds.
Amusing to see folks get riled up over the printed word, since so few buy actual books nowadays.
(03-21-2017, 05:17 PM)Vultural Wrote: Breezy sequel to 1938‘s Fast CompanySame characters, different lead actors.

Dude... that's just wrong.   Tongue
Loving -  great film that reminds us that when we hope to make America great again, what are we looking for. Only one moment where I questioned the filmmakers: there is a scene towards the end where the Loving children are shown hanging a rope swing. I don't think that imagery was chosen randomly and I didn't find it appropriate. That said, a film everyone's should see. 

(03-22-2017, 12:47 AM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: great film that reminds us that when we hope to make America great again, what are looking for. 

What? Am this?
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The Great Beauty - 2013 - 8/10
AKA - La Grande Bellezza

[Image: 2m6s49j.jpg]

Visually striking film of the compromised soul.
Forty years previous, Jep wrote a well received book.
That was his entry to the high life, free pass to the In-Crowd.
He never wrote again, becoming a dilettante and coasting on his laurels.
Dizzying array of sybaritic pleasures, contrast with the sheer futility of living.
Point, all shall die.  So why struggle to be heard, seen, appreciated?
Jep, the gracious, ever-smiling wastrel, is repeatedly paired against creative stragglers, or humans falling into despair, or the frail and elderly, coming face to face with the summation.
Tour de force, though overlong and not always enjoyable.
Summer Of Love - 2003 - 6/10

[Image: 309jywy.jpg]

Indifferent use of period sights and sounds from San Francisco, circa 1967.
Interviews with still-surviving, oldish spokesmen from the era.
Music soundtrack a mix of San Francisco and Los Angeles groups.  In some cases, cover groups.
Some clips from the Human Be-In, next to nothing from Monterey Pop.
At the end, speakers confessed how very sour it all became, as tens of thousands flooded in.
PBS aired a couple superior docs of that period with Coyote - worth seeking out.
The “summer of love” turns 50 this year.  I predict a lot of rosy memories are queued up.
(12-05-2016, 11:05 AM)thecuddlyninja Wrote: Manchester by the Sea - 9/10

Casey Affleck is otherworldly good in this. Best performance of the year that I've seen so far. [...]

Aye, good film. A-.

(03-11-2016, 04:29 PM)Vultural Wrote: Collateral  - 2004 - 7/10

[Image: collateral.jpg]

Another almost great film. [...] Without going too much into the plot, the ending faltered for me.

Did my first rewatch in many years, and the last third seriously dragged this time. There are three big sequences - the club, the office, and the subway - which could be significantly trimmed with no narrative repercussions. In fact, though it wouldn't be the cleanest ever instance of fan editing, one could cut from

Max shooting Vincent in the head in the office straight to Max and Annie walking into the dawn, thus skipping the superfluous subway sequence entirely.

I'll downgrade it from an A- to a B+.
Gun Crazy - 1949 - 7/10

[Image: Gun%20Crazy%201949.png]

After a stint in reform school, then a hitch in the Army, local man goes home.
Bit aimless, only talent he possesses is marksmanship.  His love, guns.
Until the Brit cowgirl arrives with the carnival.  And man, can she shoot.
Their eyes lock, and from there on they ride the Noir highway into darkness.

There is the belief that a good person can redeem a borderline soul.
By extension, a bad individual can corrupt a weak one.
In Gun Crazy, the smoldering Peggy Cummins is not pure evil, but she is bad
She truly loves her man, but she has a big empty inside, as well as a murderous streak.
Guns and sex propel this offbeat Noir, one of the absolute best.
The Windmill Massacre - 2016 - 5/10

[Image: Windmill%202016.jpg]

Visitors hop the tour bus to see Holland countryside and picturesque windmills.
Save for a father/son, all are solo passengers.
Deeper into wildwood they go, not noticing the darkening sky until their phones don’t work.
Acceptable Slasher,  well photographed and the cast has a couple recognizable faces
Predictable storylines, with a moral underbelly and limited invention.
Nice use of Dutch folklore and an injection of Japanese superstition.
Not top shelf, but good late night watch.

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