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A few reviews
(03-10-2017, 11:21 PM)Moe_Syzlak Wrote: Went looking for this tonight on Netflix and couldn't find it

Unusual.  Maybe only Netflix Canada currently has it?
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
(04-09-2016, 03:44 PM)TMBTM Wrote: It Follows. (2014)

A try to make a horror movie like Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street but at the same time quite actual.
Everything was there for me to like it: creepy mood, very strong and simple idea, very well shot (à la John Carpenter), the young actors/actresses are not amazing but quite all right.
But sadly, after a good first hour the movie falls flat. It is just more and more of the same until an ending without a proper wrap.
Maybe some people will say that it's what makes it good, but to me, if you come with a strong idea you need to end the movie in a proper way or else everything you give to the audience is just a strong idea that leads nowhere.
Too bad because it really could have been a new classic of horror.
I still recomment to watch it because it is a well made movie, but I felt it ran out ideas and it was not that scary either.

I rate it a 7/10 anyway. But it is VERY generous.

Just saw this, and it's making me rethink my bias against horror movies. The sense of dread that suffuses the film comes from that simple and strong premise, and despite a few minor missteps (and one major background issue: how was anybody able to figure out the rules that "it" follows and pass on that information to the characters in this story?), I think the director did a fabulous job of presenting a nightmare scenario.

Well-depicted characters, cinematography that matches the protagonists' need to scan their environs, multiple ways to interpret the movie, a dash of pertinent literary references, a musical score that mostly works, and minimal gore make this movie very watchable.

8.5/10 for me.
Murdered By My Fiance - 2016 - 5/10

[Image: Murder%20Fiance%202016.jpg]

Slight doc about murder of author Helen Bailey and her dog!
Boyfriend reports to police four days after she disappears.
Despite Bailey being a best selling author, barely any video of her.
Detectives, analysts, neighbors, and the fiance.
Unexplained - why Fido was killed.  Unexplained - relationship.
Why is it “murdered by my fiance"?   As if the dead author produced this.
Find something else to waste an hour.
Les Demoiselles de Rochefort - 1966 - 5/10
AKA - The Young Girls Of Rochefort

[Image: Demoiselles%20Rochefort%201966.jpg]

Man, what a disappointing howler.
This was followup to The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg.
Seaside village prepares for the end of summer fete, as the French version of carnival arrives.
Looking for love are Catherine Deneuve and her real life sister Françoise Dorléac (who died tragically young that year).
Also on hand, dancing away, are George Chakiris and Gene Kelly.
Dancing is an understatement, the film is almost nonstop choreography.
Numerous songs by Michel Legrand, none truly memorable.
The movie gets exhausting after awhile.  The impression is that everyone tried too hard.
The Monster - 2016 - 5/10

[Image: Monster%202016.png]

Arthouse horror, allegory overlay, mother - daughter issues.
In other words, menfolk - beware.
Dysfunctional, alcoholic, abusive mother drives neglected young daughter to her ex.
They are supposed to depart at 8:00 AM, except hungover Ma doesn’t get rollin’ until 4:00.
Soon as they hit the spooky backroad, rain starts pelting down.
The car strikes a wolf and the subsequent crash means they are stuck.
Before you can say - “Hey, where’d that wolf go?” - the girls realize trouble is mounting.

Acting by the female leads is terrific.  I hated Mom, pitied the small girl.
The pace is too measured to hold interest for most, though.
No backroads I’ve been on ever had streetlamps, let alone three of them.
Plus, after you crash your car, switch off the headlamps and wipers!
I should not have to explain this to sorry drivers unless they want to be future meals.
Katherine Ryan In Trouble - 2016 - 6/10

[Image: Kath%20Ryan%202016.png]

Standup comedian on relationships, being Canadian in UK, men, family.
Hit n miss, with more hits, but this is chuckle material.
Timed correctly at one hour.  Nothing stale, just not my type of humor.
Hey V, just wanted to say how much I enjoy browsing this thread and reading your most excellent and succinct reviews. Keep up the good work! :-)
2017 Oscar Nominated Shorts - Live Action - 2017 - 7/10

[Image: Oscar%20Shorts%202017.jpg]

Five of ‘em.  Two crowd pleasers, two “serious” works of outsiders in Europe, and one pass.
“Sing” is about a competitive grade school choir.  This will resonate with those who have been in band or choir, especially if you were in the 3rds or in the back rows.
“Silent Nights” follows a refugee in Denmark.  Sent me a mixed message on how to score money from guilty rich.
”Timecode” watches bored security guards dance before surveillance cameras.
“Ennemis Intérieurs”  (Enemies Within) is another story of outsiders.  This time an Algerian, living in France for over 30 years, finally seeks citizenship.  Why wait so long?  And who are your associates?  Claustrophobic, Orwellian.
“La Femme et le TGV” features Jane Birkin as an aging woman exchanging letters with the engineer of the high speed TGV express.  She seems locked in the bygone, analogue age, with her manual typewriter, rotary dial phone, china tea set.
The Love Witch - 2016 - 5/10

Warning - Existential oblivion seekers, not this one.

Wish I could say I viewed this by accident or this was airing in rehab.
No.  Reviews mentioned bygone Technicolor productions, and I foolishly hoped for Douglas Sirk excesses.
Admittedly, I do have a taste for over-the-top folly.  This is not “so bad it’s good,” but it veers close.

[Image: Love%20Witch%201%202016.jpg]

Artist witch moves to Eureka, into posh Victorian manor, to get over issues with her ex.
Like glamour girls everywhere, our attractive witch has trouble pulling guys, so she casts sex magick for bait n mate.
After sessions of heightened debauchery, spent males collapse and die.
Oh, well.  There’s more guys with organic wands where those came from.
And she gets busy.

[Image: Love%20Witch%202%202016.jpg]

Lush and saturated colours throughout.
Females, wearing gowns and hats, congregate in a fantasy fern bar, nibble cakes and tea, while a harpist plucks.
Our witch sports a hairdo Bobbie Gentry would envy, as well as retro blue eyeshadow which I have not seen since the 70s.  (Car buffs - a 60s Mustang and a big ass 70s Impala stand out amidst boxy modern rides.)
Fair amount of frontal nudity, male and female, mostly during wicca ceremonies.  Chanting, not panting.
More graphic are her sketches and paintings.
Romping and rutting is freaky psychedelic time, drowned with overloaded grind music.
Acting is stilted and wooden across the board.  Characters read lines, never react.
My theory:  There was only one camera, so the director shot actors one at a time, then spliced.
At two hours, this movie is also too long.
I enjoyed, but, I have fondness for cheesy flicks.
Inferno (2016)

[Image: 20885343._SX540_.jpg]

Due to mediocre box office (its domestic take was about 60% that of Fences), expect this to be the last of the Howard/Hanks Robert Langdon series. (This flick and its predecessor, Angels & Demons, being Hanks' only live-action sequels to date.) Too wordy and twisty for explosion-hungry teenagers and too goofy for many grown-ups to enjoy unironically.

Myself, I unashamedly like all three of these movies. After all, as a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, who am I to call myself above a mix of Rick Steeve's Europe and 007? Yes, the stories are beyond ludicrous, but no more so than Skyfall/Spectre, and in times such as these, there's a lot to be said for making an unironic superhero out of a nebbishy Art Histo - sorry, Symbology - professor who even doesn't know how to throw a punch, and for applying cutting-edge special effects towards faking major world landmark location shoots rather than monsters and explosions. I won't say that it's a shame the movie series is ending, necessarily, but I for one am glad it exists at all.


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