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A few reviews
Vultural Wrote:Females are hard nosed about money at that age.

That's quite a broad brush you're wielding there.
Gaith Wrote:Point Break (2015)

[Image: Point_Break_poster.jpg]

Haven't seen the original.

They should verify this is not the case before selling you a ticket.
^ T'was a free preview screening! ;-)
Ye Olde Polar Express 4/10

A ~3-minute CGI adaptation of the Chris Van Allsburg classic. Must be some animator's thesis project or something, though whoever's imitating Tom Hanks' voice does an uncanny job. Repurposed Alan Silvestri score from 1994's Christmas in the Bayou works surprisingly well. For the real deal, though, either cozy up to the fire and read the book, or listen to William Hurt's wonderful audiocassette recitation, available on youtube.

(And a Merry Christmas to all! :-))
Gambit - 2012 - 6/10

[Image: 2m4rbxe.jpg]

Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman in fluffy caper film.
Script by Coen brothers, remake of '66 version (Caine, MacLaine).
Firth plays lowly "art adviser" for tycoon Rickman.
He devises a swindle and enlists over-the-top Texas cowgal Diaz.
Plans backfire continuously, which was part of the fun.
Humor ranges from wordplay to situation cascade to Benny Hill farce.
In the room where I watched this most laughed throughout.
Lightweight fare, nevertheless.
It! The Terror From Beyond Space - 1958 - 5/10

[Image: qpjqzd.jpg]

No, from Mars, dammit. Not beyond space, Mars.
Sheesh, talk about misleading titles.
Supposedly the template for Alien which was why I picked this howler.
Not that I need any help, I select bad films all the time.
So ... spacecraft gets stuck on Mars and waits six months (!!) for rescue ship.
Only the captain survives and he is to be taken back to Earth for court martial.
Ship carries a stowaway, however. It!
Creature begins to hunt and kill crew one by one. Especially in the ducts.
For an interplanetary vessel, the ship is well stocked with pistols, rifles, grenades, even a bazooka!
During battles, I was yelling about explosions and oxygen. What do I know?
OK enough late night time waster, but for fans wanting an Alien fix, this ain’t it.
Black Sea - 2014 - 6/10

[Image: 140anog.jpg]

Pay attention to those opening credits - that’s the back story.

Submarine skipper (Jude Law) is laid off.
Actually, the mega maritime salvage organization no longer needs subs.
Then he gets approached for a shady job.
Deep in the Black Sea, a sunken Nazi sub filled with gold.
All he has to do is assemble a crew, half Russian, half West, and retrieve the loot using a derelict Soviet sub.
Communication problems, augmented by greed, transform the crew into factions.
As with all sub flicks, claustrophobic, damp, and gloomy dark.
Decent twists midway, then again late.
Sturdy male cast led by Mr Law, no longer the slick pretty boy, who delivers another gritty performance.
A Perfect Getaway - 2009 - 6/10

[Image: 23v78k.jpg]

Oh, those turistas. Especially the twenty somethings.
Irritatingly upbeat, eager for risky adventures, seeking trouble
This had been on my list for awhile, but hutong females always vetoed with, "No more dead teenager films."
Perfect Getaway was not a dead teenager flick.
A honeymoon couple starts trekking the remote Kalalau Trail.
They learn that other honeymooners had been murdered by a mysterious couple.
Could they be the creepy hitch-hikers they refused to give a ride to? Or the crazy vet and his cracker girlfriend?
Nice thriller with good twists.
Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn stand out, but all leads gave decent performances.
Biblia Koshodô no Jiken Techô - 2013 - 7/10

[Image: xaxy5f.jpg]

Wonderful J-drama for people in love with reading, addicted to books - real books, especially used books.
Set in a cozy, golden hazed bookshop, Biblia Antiquarian Bookshop Case Files revels in ordinary, seemingly impossible mysteries that proprietress Shinokawa has an uncanny knack for deciphering.
Just as well, too, as the puzzles get harder and ofttimes deadlier with each week.
Many of the problems are affairs of the heart, others plunge into the obsessive realm of book collectors.
Therein might hint why this imaginative, clever series fared so poorly ratings wise.
Non-readers might have felt excluded, believing it was targeting a very limited audience.
Then again, a lot of people don’t like books and actually dislike reader types.
Shinokawa’s tall male assistant, Goura, acts as Watson to her Holmes, asking questions about the books referenced, and jumping to impulsive (invariably wrong) solutions to the mysteries.
Marvelous little series. Perfect for wet nights.

If the females who sat on the sofa with me knew I only scored this a 7, they would pummel me.
To them, Biblia scored a 9 or 10.

Note: If you need subs, I just overhauled.
A Long Way Down - 2014 - 6/10

[Image: 290xyk2.jpg]

Film launches with a disgraced television presenter preparing to jump from a towering building.
A woman glides behind him, asking if he will be long. She’s in a hurry to leap.
Next, another female. Then a guy. You get the picture.
On New Years Eve, no less, and no one is carrying bubbly. No wonder they are depressed.
With group suicide as a beginning, how far down can it go?
Start asking yourself questions: Could these character become unlikely friends?
Will they realize their miserable lives aren’t so miserable after all?
Will fun and laughter start creeping into their lives?
Large name cast wisecracks Nick Hornby’s feel-good novel.
Need an adult happy pill? Check this one.

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