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A few reviews
The Bridge - 2006 - 7/10

[Image: 3951912182_b2dce2d317_z.jpg]

Documentary about San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.
Focusing on the pedestrians. Specifically, the ones who climb over the guardrail and step into the next world.
Worldwide, Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular destination for suicides.
Lonely people, forgotten souls, neighbors and coworkers who have lost their self esteem and fallen into despair.
Great film. haunting score. Mostly interviews with friends and family, trying to explain why it happened.
Many of the best scenes are lingering views of the bridge . . . and the quiet splash underneath.
Shiri - 1999 - 7/10

[Image: c0obp.jpg]

Shiri was one of those films that put South Korea on the map for Asian action fans.
Also viewed as a passing of the action genre torch following the Hong Kong takeover in 1997.
Narrative revolves around a breakaway N Korean unit trying to disrupt peace gestures.
Espionage cat and mouse punctuated with high voltage gunfire sequences.
In the midst of all that a love story tries to blossom.
Red meat for Asian fanboys. Loosely remade into IRIS.
Vinyl - 2012 - 6/10

[Image: xencee.jpg]

Cynical spoof of youth oriented music biz.
After four aging punkers bury a mate, they get drunk and jam up a can't miss single.
Only no one is interested in old gits. Same as it ever was.
Undeterred, the leader auditions a group of spotty faced kids to lipsync for them.
The whole time, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen to the youngsters once the old farts stepped out and jeered, "Yeah, that's us!" which was their plan.
Disturbing undercurrent in keen satire.
Juicy role for Phil Daniels as the never say die front man.
Top soundtrack by The Alarm.
Sinister - 2012 - 6/10

[Image: 50sfmw.jpg]

Promising thriller missteps early, succumbs to cliche, tired writing, formula.
True crime writer, Ethan Hawke (aarrgghh, another plot with that most boring main character, the writer), moves family into home where previous family was mass murdered.
Of course, he neglects to tell his wife any of those details.
In no time flat, he discovers cans of film, clues, and bumps in the night.
Does he move the family out? Ha, silly grasshopper, sensible character do not, for horror story, abide.
Guys ... men have been stabbed for less.
OK enough production, but the plot has been done dozens of times.
TV's Frink Wrote:We could use a movie review thread here. Others should feel free to post their movie reviews as well.

I'm fine with Frick's suggestion, by the way.
This should not seen as an imperious palisade.
Anyone can scribble reviews, even if you were dragged to Smurfs 2 or Grown-Ups 2.
Share the pain.
Who is this Frick you speak of?
Oops, brother of Frack maybe?

That'll teach me to cut n paste rather than type when I'm sleepy.
TV's Frink Wrote:Who is this Frick you speak of?

Who Frick'in cares? Wink Big Grin
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Zack And Miri Make A Porno: Extended Workprint Edition / Repo Men - The Reality...It's A Bitch! Edition / The Haunted World Of Katie Featherston / Haunted From Childhood: The Katie Featherston Story
A Company Man - 2012 - 6/10

[Image: 2ylntk5.jpg]

Large Korean metal exporting firm is actually a front for murder and assassination outfit.
One of the top trigger men has gotten bored, weary, exhausted and wants out.
Apparently, he's never watched a single movie about trying to leave the mob.
Expect the usual crescendo of suspicion, mistrust, "severance package," and noisy finale.
Interestingly, most of the characters behaved as bored 9-5 office drones - with weapons in desk drawers.
Derivative, copy cat fare, featuring many players from the much better K-Drama Ghost (Phantom).
Nobody Else But You - 2011 - 6/10
AKA: Poupoupidou

[Image: e8o5tj.jpg]

Crime novelist, suffering writer's block, reads about apparent suicide of Marilyn Monroe lookalike.
Off he drives, to one of the coldest, snowiest regions of France.
Where he chats with locals, reads the dead girl's diaries, and begins to smell a cover-up.
Good little mystery about very minor, local actress (she was the model for a cheese line) who treads out of her depth. Sharp touches of comedy and irony.

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