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Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side - Episode 3.1 edit mixes the prequels
Some of the ideas are good but the editing is shoddy in places. There is visible old scroll during the new scroll for example.

The scroll itself does a good job of eliminating the need for everything from Ep1. I'm happy to see the Maul duel intact however I've seen edits that deal with Maul's death better. As in the original, Maul seems to just stand there and get killed.

The transition to Ep2 material is okay but there is no need for the ship flying in if you're eliminating the attack on the landing platform. Just use the ext. Apartment establishing shot if you're starting in the apartment. Why leave Jar Jar in the apartment scene!?! I still feel Anakin and Padme's first meeting should be in the apartment scene. The whole apartment scene needs trimming.

Zam refers to hitting the ship, but that scene was cut so it is extraneous. I still like the subtitled Zam to reveal the location of the bounty hunter.

This edit spends a bit more time on the Anakin/Padme romance which I think is a good thing, but other Ep2 edits have made these scenes less painful.

Obi-Wan goes directly to Geonosis in this edit as well. This seems to be the new thing, especially for 3 in 1 edits. I do think it works.

Since Anakin's trip to Tatooine to try to save his mother is the first time we see that planet, some additional cuts would help streamline these scenes. There is no need for Watto for example.

Pretty much the entire Droid Factory scene has been cut and it works for the most part. Also much of the battle in Geonosis has been cut including any duel with Dooku. Yoda and the troopers rescue the jedi and it cuts directly to the wedding on Naboo. It's a bit abrupt.

From the wedding it cuts to after the Palpatine rescue. Obi-Wan talking about Anakin as the hero when we haven't seen any heroics is weird. This also leaves Dooku's fate unresolved and the first mention of Greivous later is odd, especially as he is never seen in this edit. This highlights the biggest issue with this edit, IMO, the villains are unclear. I'm not sure if Dooku scenes such as the one where he reports back to Sidious on Corscant can be inserted later in the film to help create a consistent villain rather than going from Maul (who dies immediately) to Dooku (who just disappears with no explanation) to Greivous (who is mentioned but never seen).

This cut also retains the Yoda/Sidious duel which I loathe. I'm in the camp that feels Yoda should never use a lightsaber. And I much prefer the way Downfall of the Old Republic ended the Anakin/Obi-Wan duel.

I like the birth of the twins and death of Padme intercut with the "birth" of Vader. I can get behind ending the Vader stuff with the helmet being put on but I can't support moving this to the very end. I still think it should end on binary sunset as it did theatrically.

Overall I think this does some things better than Downfall of the Old Republic and some things worse. I think I now fully support the 3 in 1 approach to these films but think much can still be improved.

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