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Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side - Episode 3.1 edit mixes the prequels
I also had a look at this. Is it worth it? Um....nah, not really.

Probably my taste more than anything, but allow me to explain.

I found things in this edit improbable. People just seem to do things for no reason, as another review above said, Kenobi just seems to kick around aimlessly for a while, always seeming to end up in the right/wrong place.

I didn't like the crawl too much. Technically fine, but content seemed a little off....it was all too simple to explain away the few events that are shown from TPM. I found it improbable that a lone person, Sith or not, would just rock up to a planet to take it over or even just start making some trouble. And from there it starts REALLY quickly. The footage used from TPM does indeed start with the lightsaber duel at the end. We have no real idea, aside from the vague explanation on the opening crawl, who these people are. Merely giving the viewer a loose fact about what is going on means that we don't care. Oh, some guy with a beard just got run through with a shiney pole...was he a good guy? Should we be upset? Cheering? Who knows?? Some little green guy hobbles around and says some stuff to the younger guy in the brown cloak who DIDN'T die, they burn up the beardy dead guy and then it jumps into AOTC...

We find ourselves in an elevator. There is another beardy guy who looks a lot like the young guy who DIDN'T have a beard before. He is chatting with some obnoxious, surly teen-ish kid who is getting all grumpy and creepy....especially when they meet some sea horse dude with an annoying voice and some grinning girl who immediately goes to bed after some token chit chat about, apparently, someone trying to kill her.

Now, I am not really going to go on too much here....the rest of the review will just be more of this. Just too much stuff happening without really knowing why, who, what....nothing. Just people doing stuff for some reason.

I know the original films did this too, but certainly not to THIS extent.

I really don't understand this trend of starting an all in one PT edit with the Maul/Jinn/Kenobi duel. I mean, yeah, by all means, PLEASE get rid of as much of TPM as you wish! But either leave enough so we can understand a little (even if the originals barely did...) of what is going on, or just cut it out altogether and start the damn thing with AOTC....and then cut out most of THAT too! As this edit is we just keep getting hit with established characters who clearly have some kind of history. It just doesn't work...not for me anyway.

The edit is by far mostly made up of ROTS. That's not a bad thing I guess, but the Yoda Palpatine fight is still there.

Loads of Jar Jar as well. Considering we have hardly any TPM and there is no scene of a creation of the clone army, Jar Jar doesn't have to be there at all. And really, if we could all wish only a single thing away from the PT, it'd be Jar Jar.

I didn't much like the ending either. Last shot is the helmet lowering onto Vader, AFTER the scene where Kenobi hands over Luke on Tatooine. It placed too much importance on Vader within the saga. It just didn't sit well with me.

Technically it wasn't terrible. A few abrupt and awkward cuts and dissolves and the beginning of the end credits scared the hell out of me with how sudden it kicked in.

I don't know. Maybe I am being harsh, but it just didn't work for me. I can't recommend it. It is fine for interest's sake I guess, but it sure won't change the way you see the films.

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