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Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side - Episode 3.1 edit mixes the prequels
Just got done watching it. The above mentioned review is pretty spot on for the most part. There were some really good ideas in this edit, I liked how it opened(it starts with the Darth Maul fight and thats all of Episode 1 you get), and I really liked how it ended(with Vaders helmet coming down, and then him breathing..fade to credits). There were some good edits made in this(extremely limited Jar Jar and no Midichlorians to be found), and some really bizarre choices(Obi-Wan shows up on Geonosis for no reason, there is almost no Clone War at all). So, they made a good effort, but I feel like maybe they needed another pass or two. Hell, could have been alittle shorter. If you like the Prequels, this edit isn't for you and if you're no fan of the prequels this certainly won't change your mind. They tried, I'll give them that.

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Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side - Episode 3.1 edit mixes the prequels - by MrGone - 05-10-2014, 08:31 PM

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