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Q2's Northwest Passage gets a public screening
Wow, that's pretty awesome! [MENTION=8530]Q2[/MENTION] they're gonna have a public exhibition for your fanedit! Did you know about this? March 29th in both​ LA and NY!
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Congrats Q2! Most excellent news :-)
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jswert123456 Wrote:http://welcometotwinpeaks.com/events/twi...ey-center/

Website is down. Hope that's not the Feds already.
I knew there was a possibility, but only for NY. Having the edit shown in LA is pretty cool, too. The person setting up the event contacted me a few weeks ago asking for permission which I gave. Happy to hear it's official now.
Wicked effing stellar, Q2. Congrats!
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Exciting news -- Congrats, Q2! It's great to see more fanedits getting a public presence.
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Very cool.
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Congratulations, Q2! Awesome news!Smile
Congratulations Q2!

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