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Q2's Northwest Passage gets a public screening
Aweshum, Q2. May your edit rock their minds.
Here is an email I got regarding the screening of Northwest Passage this past weekend.

Hey man, just to let you know the screening went GREAT!

While a masterful edit from start to finish, I was not sure how people would respond to the ending... but the whole theater - about 160 people by the end of the 5-hour edit - applauded!

There was a lot of discussion afterwards, both in NYC and in LA. Some comments:

  • "I cannot imagine the time and effort it took to edit this. Wow."
  • "It was good! We had a long discussion about the screening after. It was so interesting to see what was included and what wasn't."
  • "It was wonderful! Not only did we see a masterful edit of the show but we were treated to some art beforehand. It was a damn good time."
  • "All of Twin Peaks reduced to 5 hours and screened for the #25YearsLater my only critique is not enough Nadine."
  • "That ending was not at all what I expected. Up to that point I was very happy with the super cut."
  • "Thanks for putting this together. It was a blast to speed watch the series. Kudos to the fan editor. Very smart cuts."
  • "Thank you for inviting us to play a really fabulous event! I LOVED the new cut! Damn good."
Congratulations again, Q2! I wish I could have been at one of those events. Thanks for sharing this follow up message.
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This is really neat, congrats on the showing Q2. Hope to see more like this type of stuff in the future from other fan editors as well.
Aweshum, man. Wish I could have been there.
I guess this is all legal if you don't charge for it, and make sure everyone entering owns the source materials, huh?
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HanShotFirst Wrote:I guess this is all legal if you don't charge for it, and make sure everyone entering owns the source materials, huh?

I would say that it's a pretty safe assumption that the people attending were Twin Peaks fans and most likely owned the series in one form or another. Besides, it was a screening, and they weren't distributing it. I'm sure they had their bases covered. Smile

And congrats Q2! This is beyond exciting. Big Grin
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A bit late, but congrats, Q2! I follow Paley on YouTube and know they're a quality bunch. Quite an honor!
Holy Canolli!Confusedhock: That is Awesome!
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