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Introducing Fanedit.org's Newest Administrator...
OK, given Neglify's lovely OP, I feel I should formally say something.


I am very pleased to be able to help out this brilliant community in my new role as an Admin. Since turning up with my Indy 4 edit in 2011, I've been blown away by the creativity and unleashed imagination at work in these boards. Sometimes it leads to mind blowing genius or to something resembling collective fanboy group therapy, and sometimes it goes nowhere, but the intention is always creative, and that is a rare thing.

So, pep talk time. It seems to me (despite the fact that the most visitors to this site occurred earlier this year...) that there is currently a bit of a lull in audience participation around these parts. IFDB is overflowing with great edits waiting to be watched, discussed and reviewed, and I know many editors really get a kick out of feedback, even of the constructive critical kind.

I'll be helping out with firstling submissions and beating the Academy into a different kind of submission. If you've been waiting a while to get your edit reviewed, please let me know and I'll bump it to the top of the priority list! If you're about to submit an edit, please do Smile more the merrier.

Thank you for your time.
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this is fantastic news, to have some new blood in power. because this site was starting to fall apart into a pile of nonsense like a george lucus movie.
i kid, i kid. additional congrats to you New Jersey Viet Cong.
Firstling attempt coming soon. i hope.
Congrats njvc!
njvc Wrote:Sometimes it leads to mind blowing genius

I think there's a problem with that link. It's not connecting to my fanedit page on IFDB!:-P

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