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Topher Grace Releases Trailer for Redux of the Jedi
A couple years back actor Topher Grace condensed the Star Wars Prequels to just 85 minutes. While the world may never see his cut of the prequel trilogy, he has released a trailer for it. More on his website, Cereal Prize.
i'm impressed, to the point that i may re-watch another fanedit of the prequels again
I thought this meant he edited Jedi as well.
I can't watch a prequel trailer with Inception music without thinking about TRM.
DominicCobb Wrote:I can't watch a prequel trailer with Inception music without thinking about TRM.


that trailer was quite good.
It concerns me that in an 85 minute version of all three movies he found space for Yoda with a lightsaber, R2D2 flying, and C3PO's head being attached to a battle droid.
Meh. A trailer for a fan edit that the editor doesn't want us to see. I find it hard to get excited about this.
Man, what I wouldn't give to see the full thing.

I like Omaryu's (?) suggestion on the main page that Topher Grace post the cutlist so we can reconstruct it at home if we wish...if he made a cutlist, that is.

Been listening to the screen rant podcast and they name drop topher grace fanediting around the 14:25 mark

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