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Topher Grace Releases Trailer for Redux of the Jedi
theory: I think Topher is testing the waters with all this recent talk. I wouldn't be surprised to see this thing released in the not-too-distant future.

I told you not to mention that!

sorry Toph
Really Topher? Inception? REALLY?
Good artists copy but great artists steal.

To be fair, it sounds like he made that trailer a couple of years ago when that music was less ubiquitous.
Ever since I came across some of the links to details about Topher Grace's Star Wars: Episode III.5 - The Editor Strikes Back edit on this thread here - http://www.fanedit.org/forums/showthread...-FanEditor , I've thought it would be kinda neat to see how his radical 3-in-one version played out.

So it was interesting to see his trailer for it, which was discussed at this link too - http://www.slashfilm.com/topher-grace-st...s-trailer/

(by the way - when I tried to download the video directly off Topher's own site the other day, I ended up with the 20 mins. long 'discussion' video instead of the trailer...but I was able to grab it from the 'slashfilm' site instead, although I see that it's been removed from there now)

I liked the trailer well enough, although I still prefer 'Star Wars' ones to include John Williams music...but you certainly can't go wrong with starting with a Sir Alec Guinness voiceover, which was good. Anyway, it seems that he's managed to come up with an extremely bold cut, considering his version runs only 1 hour 25 mins. in length from a total of almost 7 hours of footage...and it would be neat if he could at least let everyone know some more details of his 'cut-list' someday.

However, I see from the trailer that he's included a couple of things that I definitely didn't care for - and yes...'flying' CGI Artoo...I'm especially looking at you! :p

By the way, for anyone who hasn't come across this yet, here's a look at Topher's Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The Remix trailer too - http://www.slashfilm.com/trailer-and-rep...hird-kind/

Interesting trailers, but he couldn't make them better looking?
You're an adult. Just cope.
Honestly, while I'm definitely curious to see it (as is the case with most every fan edit), I have my doubts that it's all that great as it would compare to some of the more accomplished edits out there. After all, this is the only fan edit he's ever made.

This edit has stirred up a lot of discussion, but let's be realistic here and recognize the fact that this discussion is mostly happening between people who have no experience at all with fan edits, and for whom Grace's edit is the first thing of this sort they've ever heard of. There are probably a lot of people out there who think he sort of invented a new thing, here.

Moreover, I don't really think the attention his edit has received would be remotely as widespread were it not for his fame -- his status as an actor, etc., doesn't really give us reason to believe that his edit would be anything special though, you know?

Giving Grace the benefit of the doubt, he did apparently buy an Avid for his edit, not to mention seeking professional tutelage on its use and on editing in general -- so he clearly takes the endeavor seriously. I'd say odds are okay that he made a good (or even great) edit, but I really haven't heard any evidence to suggest that he did any more than re-jigger the prequels, which has been done more than once elsewhere, as we all know.

I suppose in a nutshell I'm just questioning the reasoning behind the fan edit community's interest in this edit, since Grace is a completely unknown entity and ultimately no different from the many untested and unproven editors out there, save for his fame.

/wet blanket
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I agree with your sentiments
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purplenurple Wrote:I suppose in a nutshell I'm just questioning the reasoning behind the fan edit community's interest in this edit, since Grace is a completely unknown entity and ultimately no different from the many untested and unproven editors out there, save for his fame.

Well, you said yourself that you're curious to see it just as you are for most fan edits. So are we.

And with all Star Wars fan edits, the question is "What did he keep in and what did he take out?" Since it's a staggeringly short edit, it's even more of an interesting question, IMO.

And, yes, his fame is a factor. Since fan editing is marginalized and misunderstood by much of Hollywood, it's fascinating to read about someone within the system who actually gets it.

Also, his acting is what most of us know, but I don't think most of us know or have any idea what his editing skills are. He may be outstanding at the latter. So dismissing his editing on the basis of, say, the character he played on That '70s Show is really an apples and oranges comparison.

If nothing else, even if it's a really bad edit, it would give us all some great conversation. Smile

I agree with you that a lot of people in the outside world who are excited about this edit are people who probably have no idea what a fan edit is, and think that Topher Grace invented it himself.

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