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Looking for some fun and games? Or just want to have a chat about a particular topic? Then look no further than the ridiculously overlong threads below. Have a damn good time!

Are you new here? Please, come and say hi!
Chat Now - Are you in the chatroom? Tell us so we can join you!

Quiz/Minigame Threads:
POP QUIZ - Winner asks next question
Another Pop Quiz - ask any question you like, answer any question you like

Answer a movie quote with a movie quote!

One Question Threads:
Things We Love
Things We Find Kind Of... Meh
Things We Hate

Your Top 5 - Post a top 5 list of anything you like.
What operating system are you? - take the personality test and post your results
Post your desktop - post a screenshot of the desktop on your computer

What do you look like for real?
The last DVD you purchased?
The movie you are most ashamed you've tried to watch

Ask _______ Anything Threads:
Ask the below users anything you like! Whether they'll answer or not is another matter entirely.

Ask Boon Anything!!! - ask boon23 anything you like!
Ask Nex Anything!!! - ask NexPhr3ak0r anything you like!
Ask Heinrich Anything!!! - Ask Heinrich, God of the Off Topic Board, anything you like!
Ask UseYourIllusionII Anything!!! - Ask UseYourIllusionII, this random bloke who popped out of nowhere Wink anything you like!
Ask Ghostcut Anything!!! - Ask me... uh. Actually, don't.
Ask Dark Jedi Anything? - Well you could try, but seeing as he's banned and everything I don't think you'll get anywhere...
Ask nOmArch Anything! - Oh dear God, don't.
Ask Yourself Anything!!! - Go on, ask yourself embarassing and awkward questions, accidentally revealing unfortunate truths about yourself you'd rather not share with any members of the public!

DON'T Ask __________ Anything!

Don't Ask Stomachworm Anything! - because he's a miserable git with too much time on his hands. Come to think of it, so am I.
Don't Ask Aztek463 Anything! - because he wants to be like Stomachworm.

Otherwise Pointless Fun Threads:
We All Need A Laugh... - Making general postagings of funnystuff
Rip The Hell Out Of Each Others Nicks And Avatars - Go on, give everyone a verbally textual lashing over their nicknames and avatars!
The Male Posturing & Fight Thread!
Childish Swearing Thread - swear like the 12 year old you are! Artificially boost your post count!
Budget Numbers II - boast about your (artificially inflated, see above) post count!
Celebrities In Disguise - Fan Editors: More Than Meets The Eye...

General Topical Discussion:
Graphic Novels and Comic Books
Video Games
Food - Presented by Heinrich
Nature - Presented by ThrowgnCpr
Funny Pictures
Girls - Honeys and Hotties
Snooker - not bowls, billiards, netball, basketball or anything else - just SNOOKER, damn it!
Television - what are you watching at the moment?
It's Got No Place Else To Go... - Offtopic offtopic.

And now click something and enjoy this juicy list of juicy juicy threads. Have a juicy time!

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a man with ideas. an index for the most important section is truely great.

thanks GC!

boon me boy, would you mind making this ?sticky?...?
...that was the intention.

Big Grin

Enjoy it!
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I wouldn't mind at all.
maybe you could add to "ask boon anything": he doesn't answer anyway ;-)
I am a bit disappointed that my history on fanedit.org is nowhere mentioned anymore. It was 5 years of my life.
boon23 Wrote:maybe you could add to "ask boon anything": he doesn't answer anyway ;-)

you?re such a lousy Kummerkastentante!
Updated with Chat Now thread.
Editing something.
Updated 11 December with more and moar threads! Now give me cake.
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here you are.
Took my wife three hours to bake the cake... Wink
[Image: 01xf3.jpg]
I am a bit disappointed that my history on fanedit.org is nowhere mentioned anymore. It was 5 years of my life.
lol, thats awesome :-)

What a cake!
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