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Babylon 5
Captain Khajiit Wrote:I agree, though an SD release in 4:3 would please me.

Yes, even that would be a massive improvement. A 4:3 HD transfer would be relatively easy and cheap to produce if the FX shots were just upscaled next to the 90% of normal HD footage.
In a series of recent tweets, JMS outlines the stubbornness of WB executives and why they won't remaster or produce new content for the show

If I remember a previous interview from years ago it would also be very costly. While they still have all the masters in HD the special effects shots are only SD so they'd need to re-create them all from scratch. I don't think B5 has the fanbase Star Trek has, so convincing WB to cough up the dough would probably be very difficult.
I love Babylon 5! After many viewings on a small screen, I was quite horrified recently when I played B5 for the first time on a big screen (PAL dvd on a 105" screen). Yikes! The CGI resolution is terrible compared to today's standard. It was so distracting that I turned off the projector and continued the episode on my tablet.

Until a series reboot happens, I too don't believe in an HD upgrade. Anyone petitioning WB would then pitch for a reboot, before upgrading the existing material.

If any Warner Bros execs visit this site: Yes, I'll watch a reboot. I'll buy it on disc. I'll buy an HD release of existing Babylon 5. I'll pre-order the blu-rays on the first day.
Full disclosure: I might pass on Crusade (great potential, but not developed enough) and Legend of the Rangers (felt too much Dungeons and Dragons in space: take a level-1 thief, warrior, elf, etc., and give them an adventure).

P.S. Anyone recognize the hull of the station? Wink
But do we really want a REBOOT???

JMS practically achieved the impossible with his 5 Year story arc and why lessen it with a remake?

Now a CONTINUATION I would wholeheartedly support.   The B5 Universe is massive.  Let's explore it, not retread it.
"... let's go exploring!" -- CALVIN.
I agree: a reboot isn't needed.
I agree. I'd love to see something set in the same universe 20 years after the finale.
I stand happily corrected: CONTINUATION not REBOOT. Yes. Yes!

Perhaps jump two generations. Have them clean up whatever mess Mollari's son ends up making. Meet new races, explore new sectors. Bring Martin Sheen back as a Soul hunter who's now well-established and respected by his peers. The Psiwars might still be unresolved. And... I'm starting to ramble.

In short: Yes! Continue!
(04-20-2018, 10:37 AM)asterixsmeagol Wrote: I agree. I'd love to see something set in the same universe 20 years after the finale.

I concur. I really wish JMS would have broken with the annual tradition and just set some of it in the fifth year and the rest in the future so we could have gotten the Telepath war, not Byron and his campfire group singing "all come together"
I find it interesting that they haven't attempted to have the CGI shots redone by the fans. Surely some of them are dedicated enough and have the skills and know-how to do it, and I'm sure they'd even do it for free.

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