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Article: Fanedit.info Suspended... NO MORE!
Hey, INFO is back up!
Ain't this good news?
Did this just happen?
Did I snooze through another meeting?
Oh cool. It's news to us.
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Indeed. I had stopped posting at ot.com so I could devote more time to checking info in case it ever came back.
Still 'account suspended' from where I sit. Where are you seeing it?
Still suspended on my screen. Maybe it's some sort of regional/isp based situation?
When using TOR, it's suspended as well. I don't believe it's ISP related, although there is a small chance that it could be.
showing as suspended still on my end
Oops, I didn't actually check when I posted earlier. Suspended here as well.
[MENTION=17386]Vultural[/MENTION], just playing an early April Fools joke?
... son of a ...
I can't get it either
but ...
I know ...
... I was just ...

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