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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode II: Army of the Republic:
Having thoroughly enjoyed Seciors Return of the Sith Revisited Edition, I thought I'd go on with his second. I was very encouraged by some of the reviews here that say that the love story is handled particularly well and that was a feature of RotS:RE.Again, a short run time of 85 mins - can it be achieved? A BIG YES! I got something I wasn't quite expecting from Army of the Republic - to me, this film now feels like a sci-fi, wrapped around a love story. The editing of Ani/Padme is done so well...that it no longer feels uncomfortable and awkward. There are some cringe scenes that are left in, but because they are handled well it reinforces the love story!It's a much simpler story and moves on quickly...there's nothing complicated in the other plot...I can only echo below comments about the nonsense Sifo-Dyas thing. It's a cool touch to have Dooku as Count Dooku all the way through and have him/Sidious appear at the start...I did note a couple times where it seemed that the transition occurred quickly to cut off some dialogue that Seciors clearly didn't want - but it's nothing jarring. There are a couple scenes that I also still in- the younglings and that cafe scene, which others did away with by simply having the assassin say Kamino. Anyway, again - really enjoyed it, I think Return of the Sith is more fun to be honest..I'm hopiing Seciors may have a stab at Episode 3.


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