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IFDB Review: Terminator 3: The Coming Storm:
All of the technical aspects of this edit were actually really impressive, but I felt a tad disappointed with the narrative decisions made. While the new narrative choices weren't hard to follow, they just tended to not be as engaging as the original I felt. The fact that we know less about what happens and/or has happened between John and Kate takes away from the level of engagement for these characters. On the whole, the decision to remove most of the cheesier elements was a good decision, but it leaves the film feeling a little sterile and bland. On the other hand I really liked some of the smaller inclusions such as the final shot, the new music during the stripper scene (which was a great callback I thought), and the editing of the television scene during the party. Overall this edit was a little disappointing since I'd heard good things about it, and I'm a little torn over whether it's an improvement over the original and whether I would recommend this fanedit for Terminator fans. Having said that all of the technical aspects were near faultless and my only qualms were with the changes to the story and mythology of Terminator 3.


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