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IFDB Review: Moonraker Plot, The:
Moonraker is proof that sometimes too much of good thing is just.... well, too much.In essence, Moonraker is a remake of extremely successful THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, just made even bigger....Move the plot from the Ocean to Space, add more gadgets, more humor, more Bond Babes, more winking at the camera... and oh yeah, more Jaws... and you have a movie that went too far for most audiences to follow.But MusicEd's fan edit corrects many of these missteps, and brings the over the top tone back down to Earth. Most of the cuts worked for me and the audio work is fairly impressive though I did not agree with every choice. For me the greatest achievement of this edit is Jaws is restored to being a menacing figure instead of comedic fodder, and I applaud Ed for this -- Bravo!If you are a fan of the Roger Moore Bond era, I think this is a must see adventure, as this fan edit could easily be titled MOONRAKER REDEEMED!Thanks for the fun Ed!


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