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IFDB Review: Fear and Loathing in The Star Wars Holiday Special:
I have a very high tolerance for bad Star Wars. I like the Special Editions (well, besides that musical number...). I like the DVD/Blu-Ray revisions, ghost-Hayden and all. I like the prequels. I saw Attack of the Clones in theaters four times. (Note: at this point I have lost all credibility on everything, forever.)I've never been able to finish the Holiday Special. It really is that awful. It hurts. It hurts my brain. This is the only way I've ever been able to bring myself to watch it for an extended period of time. TM2YC was struck with some real creativity here, refashioning this... this thing into a drug-induced hallucination. The sights and sounds present fit that description all too well. I found myself laughing hysterically to the point of tears during my first viewing. Now, technically speaking, it still looks like the 70's broadcast recording, blah blah. Until Disney actually gives this thing a legitimate release (i.e. never), this is as good as it can possibly look. Besides - this isn't about picture quality. This is about the experience of watching it. Go do it. It'll change you.


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