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IFDB Review: Superman Returned - A Tomahawk Re-Edit:
To be perfectly honest, i liked Superman Returns when i first saw it. But when i purchased it recently I saw it as a jumbled mess that didn't know if it was a remake or a reboot. I appreciate it for what it was trying to be, bu it just missed its mark so much. Now onto the edit. I haven't been watching fan edits for very long, a couple years at the most. That being said this edit was above and beyond. Near perfection as far s editing. i had to follow along with the cut list to see what was gone. and it wasn't missed. there wre a couple minor cute that felt a bit jarring or sudden, but for the most part it was nothing short of professional. sadly no amount of editing can make me like Bosworth as Lois Lane. I am not a huge fan of the deadbeat Superdad plot but in your edit it actually works and doesn't feel tacked on. You made what was a confused movie into a proper end cap to the Donner era superman franchise. It feels focused. and like a sequel to the previous movies (at least one and two) keep up your amazing work and thank you for bringing out the hidden gem that was in this movie. Just one minor side note that i wish you would have done is reinstate Luthors theme from superman 1. not all the way as it got silly at times but there are parts of the score that sound menacing that could have been used. but that really is a nitpick.


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